Life in HK

A lot of people thought we were nuts for wanting to go to Asia with our three month old little girl.  And here we are half way through our trip that seemed so scary at first but will probably be one of our greatest memories as a family.   People scared us with things such as our baby girl is too young, what if she gets sick, the protests in HK will cause you to be locked up in your homes, you will not get to see the city, and her sleep will be ruined.

Luckily it has not been as dark and grim as everyone has foreshadowed.  Those who gave us hope that it is possible to travel with a three month old in a city that we love is what helped push us through.   Not to mention the fact that we are pretty determined parents with a daughter who seems to be adaptable to various environments.  As I tell everyone, we are very lucky to have a girl like her.  She was a great sleeper on the plane, she adapted to the time zone well, she lets us walk around and fusses a bit but there is always a reason for it.   As for the city itself, we have been able to experience the protest zones in HK and they truly are peaceful.  From Causeway Bay (where we are staying) to Mong Kok to Admiralty, the protests have truly been picturesque  and our daughter has  come along for the ride.

I don’t kid myself to say that this trip is for her because we all know that she will not remember any of this other than seeing the pictures later on in life.   However, for us it has been great because traveling as a small family unit is quality time that you cannot get at home.   You try and you say will but the day to day activities/responsibilities take over.   I do have to say that I can’t wait for more adventures as our little one grows up and we truly get to share the experiences with her and have these adventures in her memory bank.

Signing off – the scared parents who are now a little bit more confident in this decision to have this crazy adventure.

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