Jen & Sam, The Cathedral Centre Wedding

It’s been crazy busy for us from event shooting and to all the post editing work. But we’re excited, as we’ve been shipping them out to our awesome clients. I’m playing catch up this week on blogging a few weddings that we’ve captured recently – Starting with Jen and Sam.

We can’t speak for other photographers, but we love any new locations where we have not shot at before especially since we’ve been to almost every venue in Toronto over the past 8 years. Although it’s comfortable to know familiar grounds, it’s so exciting to use new space. For Jen and Sam’s wedding , The Cathedral Centre was a new space for us. I started off in the morning with Jen at the Thompson Hotel where she had a sweet spacious suite with all her girls. It was also fantastic as I was surrounded by familiar faces from Jen’s best friend Shirley to the always talented Patricia Make up artistry. A new first for me was Jen checking her logging into her work email in the morning - now that’s dedication =)

After everyone got ready, I called up Kevin to see where he was with the guys and of course they were already ready. We all met at U of T where Jen and Sam did their first reveal and then headed around the grounds with their rambunctious wedding party to take some fun pics. The ceremony was held at the Metropolitan United Church and the ceremony was perfect. The Church and the Cathedral Centre were within walking distance.. which is a refreshing first for us… as refreshing as lugging heavy gear around in a hot day can be.
The space was gorgeous at the Cathedral Centre and what was cool about the way they had the venue set up was the fact they didn’t go with a traditional sit down meal but wanted more of an open mingling environment for their guests. The night ended with awesome speeches, slideshows and SDE video.

Before we get to the pics that we have chosen to tell the story, I want to sincerely thank Kevin C for shooting this event with me. To Jen and Sam, thanks so much again for having us capture your amazing day. Here are some pics we chose to visually story tell your wedding day. Enjoy!

Your Friend, Leon
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Andrea & Ian’s Wedding. Boston to Toronto, Columbus Event Centre Wedding

The middle of August is usually always pretty insane time of year for us. It’s a three hit combo of the never-ending post processing, weekend wedding / shoots and being blessed to be able to meet with new prospects. So the downfall is that we been a little behind on updating our website in sharing all these cool shoots with you guys.

Andrea and Ian’s wedding was pretty unique in the sense that they both live in Boston and had their wedding in Toronto. I can only imagine how tough it must have been for the both of them to do all the planning outside of the city. Kudos to them, and to all the family and friends that helped out.

In the morning of the their wedding, I was with Andrea and her bridesmaids / family while Kevin was with Ian and his groomsmen. We all met outside Andrea parent’s house to do the reveal. The weather was crazy hot that day and at a certain point the wedding party almost gave up with the outdoor photos… but we ended up beating the heat by taking a Starbuck’s break. The outdoor ceremony was perfect when we got back to the Columbus Event Centre in the afternoon as it got a little cooler. As the guests poured in, it was so nice to see some familiar faces that we have not seen in a while.

In the evening, it was pretty awesome to see the reception with their theme of Ninjas (check out the cake). Not to mention the fact that the bride and groom started the night party with a pretty bad ass coordinated dance.

To Andrea and Ian, thanks so much for having us capture your wedding. Here are some pics we chose to visually story tell your beautiful day. Enjoy!
Your Friend,
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Amy & Eric’s Wedding// Canoe Restaurant Toronto

Vintage, travel, classy and sexy. 4 words to describe this wedding.  Let me back track a bit before we get into their wedding.  A year ago when I first met this amazing couple and had the opportunity to get to know each other, I realized we had so many similarities in taste, from the love of travel to food and when we got taking about their wedding… I knew it would be the perfect fit.  It’s no new news that Gi and I love doing weddings but when we get the opportunity to use the urban centre as our creative playground – we extra love doing weddings.  Amy and Eric’s wedding started off in morning at 1 King West where they both got ready in different rooms.   Right after we headed downstairs where Gi was with Eric and the guys in the vault waiting for the reveal.   Thankfully the weather held up so we headed outside and had some fun with this awesome wedding party.  There were so many aspects I loved about this wedding that before I get into pics to visually story tell their day, I quickly summarize my top 10 things I LOVED about this wedding:

-       Vintage travel theme. They nailed it.

-       The MC was awesome and creative.  Captain oh captain.

-       Serious attention to detail

-       Amy’s wedding dress

-       Working with Jacqueline and Nellie from L3 events Inc. – good peoples

-       Canoe

-       Awesome wedding party

-       Impeccable food

-       Shooting with my wife.  Don’t say this often enough.

-       Amy and Eric – individually and both as a marriage couple.

Your Friend, Leon

Leon has many words to describe this wedding for me there is just one.  Classic.   Amy and Eric’s personalities really showed through every step of the way in this wedding.   From the beginning to the end.   The ever classic venue of 1 King West to the beautiful view at Canoe.

What amazes me about this couple is their love story.  I just wanted to share a snippet as it was what really stood out to me on their wedding day.  In the first few months of dating, Amy had to let him know that she was taking an opportunity overseas.   So what does Eric do, he takes the next year to figure a way to get there with her.   These two make me believe that romance is alive and burning.   When you have a storybook beginning like that, you know that the wedding could only be one that continues to meet the storybook expectations.

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Michelle & Ian Married!!!

Gi always yells at me for posting too many teaser pics every time she sees a new post on my blog.  And I agree with her to an extent, since I always have a hard time narrowing down my favorites (and by no means am I saying every shot we take is the shot…well..hehe) but when I’m commissioned for 17 hours  to document a wedding, it’s hard just to pick 20 pics to tell the story.

Michelle and Ian’s wedding was great.  I started off early in the morning with Michelle and the girls while Kevin was with the guys.   Since I knew all the door games that the girls where planning, I kept thinking to myself…. Poor , Poor Ian =)

On another note, I was totally surprised to see some mutual friends at this wedding that I had not seen in a long time.   I was also pleasantly surprised when driving to Ian’s family home for their tea ceremony, apparently Ian and I grew up in the same hood and we also went to the same elementary school… small world indeed.

As always, before I let the pictures do the talking, I just want to thank Kathy and Eric Ho for always keeping me in mind and referring me to Ian and Michelle.  Also I want to thank my good friend Kevin Chan for second shooting with me.  Last but not least I must sincerely thank Michelle and Ian for giving me the honour to capture your big day / and letting me do what I love to do.   Here are a handful of pics from your day.


Leon Chai
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