The perfect Fall shoot. Rose and Michael, Toronto engagement shoot

Hard to believe when you look at these pics that this was the Fall season but lucky for us the weather worked out amazing for their shoot. I remember this day so well…since after their shoot, I backed up their pics and jumped on a plane a few hours after.

Rose and Michael are such a chill couple and I’m honestly really happy that I got to know them at this shoot and excited for their upcoming wedding this year. On the day of this shoot, we met at Dundas Square and worked our way around the city. I thought it was pretty cool that the City Site Seeing bus let us take a few pics on their bus – thank you! Rose and Michael are really natural and comfortable with each other. They looked so good and I loved the attire that they wore. Since the weather was amazing, I figured we would switch things up from the urban Toronto look to a little water, beach and nature.

To my new friends Rose and Michael, we are stoked about your upcoming wedding this year. Thank you for choosing us and hope you like some pics from your shoot.

Your Friend, Leon
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Sharon & Mike Lifestyle Session

Location: Downtown Toronto

You know when you haven’t seen a friend for say  ….oh 10 years you either say one of two things:  “OMG, you look exactly the same since the last time I saw you” and mean it or you say  “OMG, you look exactly the same since the last time I saw you” – but you’re biting your teeth and lying out right…  hehe

Well, in this case, Sharon and I are friends and probably have not seen each other in person for about a decade and no joke (no she looks EXACTLY the same as when I last seen her… crazy.  So needless to say, when we first met up to chat about this awesome opportunity, we had a great catch up session.  I remembered I kept apologizing to her fiancé Mike as I could only imagine how was boring it was for him...hehe.   One thing I did learn about Sharon was she became designer and a very good designer… free plug for you and your awesome work :

So the lifestyle session was really good times.  Gi and I met them downtown to begin our shoot. As you guys can see below, Sharon and Mike are two good looking couple which always makes it seem like every shot is the shot and to add to that, they were super easy to work with.  They brought their dog Dexter and apparently I brought out the loudness in him that day…haha

So we all roamed around downtown Toronto and shot at a bunch of locations that I had scouted the night before. As always, I’ll let the pics do the rest of the talking, here are a few of my favourites.  Thank you Sharon and Mike, I am really looking forward to the wedding!  Good times to come.

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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