Katherine + Aaron. The count down begins!

I remember on the day of this shoot, the very first thing that came to mind when I started shooting Katherine and Aaron that these guys are Peeeerfect for each other. I met with Katherine a few times before but I never got a chance to meet with Aaron until the shoot.

So with these lifestyle sessions, I always try to work my magic and capture each couple in their most comfortable state with one another …to really get a natural shot. Sometimes it takes a little warming up (which is totally normal) and other times, like this, the magic just happens. So that being said, capturing Katherine and Aaron was fun times for me as they are pretty entertaining together. We all met up in front of Steam Whistle, which worked out perfectly, as Aaron was in town for a conference that was right near this location. The weather worked out perfectly too since we ended our shoot just before it started getting wet outside.

I sincerely want to thank my friend Elaine for introducing me to her cousin Katherine. To my new friends Katherine and Aaron, we’re super stoked to capture your wedding in T-minus a week and change. Thank you both so much guys and here are a few pics from our session.

Your Friend, LeonSteam Whistle engagement photos,
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Amy+ Eric ‘s Lifestyle Session // Toronto

You know those people that you met and within the first 10 seconds you can tell that they are such good peoples…. Amy and Eric fit that description.  Right off the bat when I first met with them last year, I felt that way.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that they would choose us.

So… believe it or not, looking at the pics below it was pretty cold that day but both Amy and Eric pulled off this session perfectly.   Gi and I are really excited for their wedding since they are going for vintage travel theme.  We tried to incorporate some of this as Gi and I scouted some spots in Toronto to go along with the theme.   Personally I think the end result of the session ended up having more of a theme of a “hot couple” =).  These guys look amazing in front of the camera !

A few more weeks to go till their big day and after chit chatting with them last night about their wedding… we are totally stoked and ready.   Before we let the pics visually story tell our session, I want thank the amazing team of Jacqueline and Nellie from http://www.L3events.com for introducing us to the gorgeous couple (these wedding planners are on the ball with everything).  Also a sincere thanks to my new friends Amy and Eric for having us be a part of your wedding.  Much love guys and see you all in a few weeks!

Your friend, Leon
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