4 wonderful events in one post – Monica & Veneet

It finally feels like the weekend just ended for me as we started off with an awesome wedding on Saturday, 3 shoots on Sunday and I literally let go of the camera an hour ago.  Fun part about my last shoot this evening was Gi and our baby got to join me as I worked.. so no missing my girls =)

So I’m back to updating our site as I’m currently in the back seat writing this while Gi is chauffeuring the family home.  So back to Monica & Veneet’s.. wedding events. What I loved the most about Monica and Veneet’s wedding was the fact that I got to capture all the traditional rituals that led up to their wedding day. So in this post you’ll see 4 different events that I got to capture – all of which are pretty cool… from watching the talented Shikha Bedi do her henna art to the religious ceremonies down to watching my friends Monica and Veneet get smothered with yellow turmeric paste.  I won’t even try to explain the significance of each ritual, but the bottom line for me is I love seeing and capturing these traditional aspects each time.  Here are a handful of pics from 4 events as we’re editing like mad monkeys in the studio.

Your friend, Leon
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Sharan & Alex // Henna preparation

One of the many things I love about weddings is the fact that there are so many traditions carried through from culture to culture. And over the past 6 years I’ve been so lucky to learn / witness / capture all types of traditions.

I arrived at Sharan’s home a bit earlier on purpose because I wanted to capture the whole process from beginning to end.  I have such an appreciation for this art form and all its meaning.   It was awesome hanging out and seeing the talented Shikha Bedi do her thing.  Within this time too… their house was getting filled with family and friends arriving in town for the wedding which was good times meeting everyone.

So to start off the events, here are just a few pics to visually story tell this day =)

Thanks, Leon Chai

As tradition goes can you find the groom's name?
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