Elizabeth + Neil, The Loeb Boathouse Wedding

Wow, what a difference a year makes.

One year ago at this time, Leon and I were in New York on our first trip away from both kids.  It was our first adult trip that included both fun and work.  It is rare that I get to work with Leon shooting pictures since we had kids but this was a special one.  Not only was it one of our favourite cities but it was for one of my good friends.

You see, I have known the groom since our days studying at UofW where a bunch of us would stay up till odd hours cramming for our exams.     This is the way I remember the groom, even though he has grown into a NY sophisticate he will always just be my study buddy, drinking buddy, and ghetto friend.

New York is currently the epicenter of COVID-19 but in my mind it is where Broadway sits, where Central Park blooms, where SOHO shopping surprises, and where people from around the world converge.  I can only hope that when I return to this city it is as beautiful and wonderful as it was when we were there a year ago.  When it was a place for celebration, for beauty, for the mingling of cultures, and the epicenter of diversity vs. devastation.

Until then, here are some pics from what seems to be a lifetime ago.  A perfect NY wedding that started with a pre party of friends on the rooftop the day before the big day.  The wedding day celebrations began with cherry blossoms in Central Park, a traditional ceremony at the Loeb Boathouse, and night shots at the Bethesda.

NY we will see you soon.
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Janet + Scot Lifestyle Session New York City!!! – The Full Edition

Take me to the big apple baby!!!  So I Love NYC…I go there at least once a year and funny enough Leon has never been!...It also happens to be the home of one the best camera stores B&H so let’s just say he was very eager to head out there.

We were scheduled to go out to New York for the first time because my high school friend Scot and his fiancé Janet wanted pictures in “their” city.   NYC is not only special to them because they love the city but also because Scot proposed to Janet on the Empire State Building.  Very a la the movie classic “An Affair to Remember”.

It was an adventure getting to the city though, Janet and I actually left before the boys since we got to the airport too late and they already gave their seats away.  Oh well…I mean ladies first right..hahah..This actually worked out since the ladies got to be like movie stars – we hopped off the plane and went to get our hair done in NYC.  Yes that is the life!

NYC was hella HOT!!!!..Honestly, probably the hottest and most humid I have ever seen the city and given all the buildings there was NO wind.  So let’s just say we had to do many water breaks.  Of course one of the key shots had to be on the top of the Empire State Building.  But well, the weather was so hot and humid that when we bought our tickets and started heading up the multiple elevators/stairways to the top, it started to storm.  You could see the lightening and hear the thunder -  we were all devastated!...So in the middle of the building we prayed and hoped and whined to security,  sadly they said that even flights had been cancelled due to weather and there was no way we were getting to the top tonight – (for our own safety).  Well,  I guess the gods heard our prayers because the skies cleared and 5 minutes after security told us it would be impossible – it was possible.  All you need is a little hope I guess=)

I can’t wait for their wedding day because we know these two know how to party..and well it is guaranteed to be tons of fun…And if we get rain that day, I know somehow it will also mean a rainbow is close behind.

Thanks, Gi
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