Happy Birthday // Smash Cake

I want to first thank my friends Joyce and Denyse from Lullaboo Blossoms for this warm referral and hope you both are keeping well =)  T and I chatted on email about setting up this Christmas shoot / first birthday smash cake shoot for their son a month back. If my memory serves me correctly, his birthday should be right around now. .. so happy birthday =)  I never met T&A prior to the shoot… but the ironic thing is and I say this with all smiles and giggles is that in all 7 years of doing this, I never had so many emails fly back and forth.. leading up to a shoot… all good though.. I respect people that prepare.  Speaking of which, on the day of their shoot, they where totally prepared. We started off doing a few family captures and worked outside for a bit and finished off with this awesome smash cake session.

To my new friends, T&A thanks for this shoot. Happy Birthday to your son A and wishing you guys a Merry Christmas!   Here are a few more pics from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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