Minh & Laurence Married! Atlantis Ontario Place

This wedding kinda threw me off and definitely not in a bad way, let me explain. So we’re lucky every year that we get to capture so many weddings and work with a multitude of couples. And when it comes to our clients, there are some that I literally talk to every other day and some I only hear from on the week of the wedding…. all good either way. Minh and Laurence fall in the latter category - the totally relaxed super nice- “go with the flow” kind of couple. I used the line “go with the flow” as I’m quoting the bride’s answer to me when I asked about doing the formal pics…see super chill.

So that being said, I was thrown off because this wedding was pretty insane with all the gorgeous details – which one would usually think would mean a type A type of bride and groom. So hats off to the both Minh and Laurence for being so relaxed on their wedding day, and obviously kudos to the wedding planners that helped to take on the stress =)
I started off in the morning with Minh where she was getting ready with her family and friends. It was fun times in the morning for me with everyone there. I met up after with Kevin C at the Old Mill where he was with Laurence and the guys. They had an outdoor ceremony which was picture perfect followed by a lunch reception at the Old Mill. We took some pics around the Old Mill and headed off to Atlantis Pavilion.

So.. I know Atlantis pretty well. Shot there many times... it was actually our venue for when Gi and I got married. This décor was off the chain. Actually everything was awesome. What was even more crazy was the fact that it seemed like every vendor had their own photographer on site to capturing their own details. No joke. More importantly, what Kevin and I capture that night was all happy faces of everyone enjoying this perfect wedding.

Before we get to the pics, I want to thank our mutual friend Emily for introducing me to this awesome couple. Thanks so much. I want to thank Kevin C for always having my back and being the second pair of creative eyes. Minh and Laurence, sincere thanks for having us capture your wedding / anniversary. Welcome back and here are some pics to visually story tell your amazing day.

Your Friend,

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A Beautiful Spring Wedding. Saleena + Pri // Palais Royale, Toronto

Happy Canada Day to everyone and hope everyone has had an amazing weekend. June for us has been a blessed and insanely busy month. We did so many shoots and are stoked to share all the stories we captured.

Saleena and Pri’s wedding was the first to kick off the spring wedding season. I have gotten to know Saleena and Pri pretty well throughout the year and more importantly I like them =) In the morning, I started off with Saleena at the hotel where she was getting ready and Kevin was with Pri. It was sweet seeing and working with some familiar faces, Gursharm (from encorefilms.ca) and my friend Sharan.

When Saleena got into her dress, we set up a first look reveal outside and the reaction in the pics will speak for itself. We headed off to Brickworks right away and spent some quality time capturing the Bride and groom. On a side note, I have to say I was attacked by birds that day…which I have no pics to show.. …lol. Morale of the story, birds are dangerous.

We headed to Palais Royale and it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and serene. Ironically enough, looking back at these pics, I captured a wedding this weekend with the same officiant and actually did a triple take because there was some familiarity. I now know why.
The night was lead by the amazing MC aka the Bride’s brother. I’m a little bias when it comes to Indian Food as it’s one of my favouite cuisines, that being said, the food was spectacular.

Before I get to the pics, I want to thank my friends Sharan and Alex, for the recommendation and constant support. You guys are the best. To my other sets of creative eyes Kevin C, thanks for filling in Gigi’s shoes this year (figuratively speaking of course) . To my friends, Saleena and Pri, thank you both so much for having us capture your amazing day. Here are just a few pics to visually story tell your beautiful wedding.

Your Friend, Leon
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Happy 1st birthday L!

I totally dig the Korean culture. From their delicious food (Mmm.. pork bone soup) down to all the unique traditions. Heck, even their greeting, ie, bowing makes the most sense to me, no worries about a handshake and passing over germs I say. But seriously, given that I have had the chance to capture a lot of their cultural aspects over the years, I think it’s pretty cool. So it’s great to see the younger gen parents like Gina and Paul continue to carry on these traditions for their family.

When Gina first contacted us in late fall last year to set up a family lifestyle session, if I could remember correctly, the weather didn’t cooperate and she decided to save the shoot for 2014, for her daughter’s first birthday. So on the day of the shoot, the event was at Seoul House and everything was set up perfectly. I was surprised to see a handful of familiar faces at this party, which are the same people that recommended me – many thanks guys. When I finally met Gina and Paul in person they where super nice and their daughters were totally adorable. For this party, they had all the traditional games, outfits, and desserts to celebrate their youngest daughter’s first birthday. They also had a cake set up for their eldest daughter K, as I assume their birthdates are close together.

After the food we stepped outside for some quick pics underneath the overhang as it was about to rain.
To Gina and Paul, thanks so much guys for having me capture this important milestone for your family, you guys rock. Here are some pics from the day.

Your Friend, Leon
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Katherine + Aaron. The count down begins!

I remember on the day of this shoot, the very first thing that came to mind when I started shooting Katherine and Aaron that these guys are Peeeerfect for each other. I met with Katherine a few times before but I never got a chance to meet with Aaron until the shoot.

So with these lifestyle sessions, I always try to work my magic and capture each couple in their most comfortable state with one another …to really get a natural shot. Sometimes it takes a little warming up (which is totally normal) and other times, like this, the magic just happens. So that being said, capturing Katherine and Aaron was fun times for me as they are pretty entertaining together. We all met up in front of Steam Whistle, which worked out perfectly, as Aaron was in town for a conference that was right near this location. The weather worked out perfectly too since we ended our shoot just before it started getting wet outside.

I sincerely want to thank my friend Elaine for introducing me to her cousin Katherine. To my new friends Katherine and Aaron, we’re super stoked to capture your wedding in T-minus a week and change. Thank you both so much guys and here are a few pics from our session.

Your Friend, LeonSteam Whistle engagement photos,
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1st birthday / Smash Cake

There’s nothing that makes me happier then capturing these events for friends. M&R are close friends of Gi and I and we absolutely love their cute daughter. She’s like my dumpling house buddy, where for whatever reason, we always end up eating there together all the time (ironically enough, it’s the same place we met last week when I gave them their pics..hehe)

I’ve been to other events from this family, so I pretty much know what to expect. The mom is pretty on the ball and when it comes to details, décor and dessert as you’ll see in the pics. The party was held at The Peanut Club where all of the birthday girl’s friends had a blast. After the event, we headed back to the grandparent’s home to do a cute smash cake which worked out perfectly.

To our friends R&M, much love guys and thanks for having me capture A’s first b-day event. See you guys at the next dumpling house / dim sum event.

You Friend, Leon
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My heart sings with joy.

There are so many emotions that run through me as I write and post this blog today. I feel so blessed, humbled, scared and so in love all at the same time.

Where do I begin? Gi and I got married 5 years ago as of this Saturday and like all my friends that are married, the question we often hear is “when will we see a little one?” I had this humorous response which I told everyone “ July 10th, 2010 @ 3:00pm .” As much as that was meant to be a joke, after a year of that response, we figured when July 10th 2010 came around – what the heck… lets do it =) So to give you guys some insight, our journey began 4 years ago in wanting to start our family. I won’t lie and say that it hasn’t been tough times for us these past 4 years. However, what I really want to focus on before I dedicate this entry to my beautiful Gi, is how thankful we are. From all the support, the love and generosity that came in so many ways, we’re humbled and blessed.

So for all my long time followers and people that know us well, Chicago has always been a spot that’s special to us. Ironically we didn’t initially plan this trip to be Chicago as Boston was the original plan but because of the Marathon, we thought it would be too crazy to head there. So just like life plans change, we ended up in Chicago, which was perfect. 6 years ago, when I proposed to Gi in Chicago, we took some pics here and 6 years later I’m excited to show these pics of my beautiful wife I shot.

Dear Gi, I dedicate this entry to you. I really owe it to you for keeping us strong and sane throughout this journey. What we walk out of all of this with is not only a beautiful baby but also the knowledge that we can get through anything together. You continue to keep my soul calm and make me better person each day. I love you and I thank God everyday that I have you in my life. As much as I can’t wait to meet our sweet pea, I can’t wait for her to meet her amazing mummy. Happy upcoming 5 years gorgeous.

Love, Leon // aka Dad 2B.
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