Kelly & Richard… A few more days to go

I’m pretty stoked for the weekend.  I get to shoot a wedding with these good peoples, Kelly and Richard, and I get to see a handful of our mutual friends at the same time.  I’m also super stoked since the next day is our baby first b-day party…. Sigh how time flies so quickly.

There could not have been a better spot to start off their lifestyle session then at Rich’s parents home. I’ve been here before during the Fall season when I did a shoot for Rich’s nephew and niece… and I love their place.  Front and back yard is immaculate... all the hard work in landscaping definitely shone through.

Kelly and Rich are a super easy going couple which makes this picture taking business super fun on my end.   We started off using their awesome London Style phone booth in the front and worked are way around the house.

When the garage opened… it was like heaven for me.  Mint Lambo Countach on the left and motorcycle on the right.  So naturally we just had to use these toys.  We headed off after to a near by park and just wrapped up some more fun shots with Kelly and Richard.

I want to thank my friend Jerry for the warm intro to his brother in law… thanks always for the support brother. To my friends Richard and Kelly thank you both so much and can’t wait till Sat.

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Photography She’s so perfect. 10 days old, Newborn

I know this sounds crazy, but I really, really miss this newborn stage.   The even crazier part is that, even though our daughter is not even a year old… I can hardly remember her at this stage.   Words every parent will agree on... you just can’t believe how fast they grow.

When I got to L&G’s place and met their little baby Z for the first time - she looked so beautiful and perfect.  L&G also looked amazing for being new parents… both so calm and energetic.  It was such a sweet shoot capturing their daughter as she was perfect in front of the camera.   Baby Z worked with every pose and didn’t fuss one bit.   We got a chance to do some pics in Baby Z’s nursery, which was great since they did such an amazing job prepping her room. And speaking of prep… I loved how Mom had various outfits all planed out and ready for this shoot.

To my friends L&G, it’s so great to see you both and congrats on your gorgeous daughter – you guys makes great parents. Thank you so much for your support and having me capture this precious life stage for your family. Here are just a few pics from our session.

Your friend, Leon
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K’s First Birthday

We have been really busy with non-stop editing, meetings and shoots these past few weeks.  As always, I am insanely thankful and wouldn’t want it any other way.  During the mix of everything, I got to photograph some special first birthday events too. Since our daughter will be turning one soon, I’ve been soaking in all the ideas for her party.

I was happy to be contacted by my friend M who asked me to capture her daughter’s first birthday party. This was awesome since the last time I saw their daughter K was when we did her newborn pics… and now she is 1…crazy how time flies. On the day of their shoot, we met at their house first and captured some shots of family getting K ready for the party. It’s sweet that Mom and Dad had K’s outfit all prepared out and ready.  The party was right around the corner at  Kidnasium.  This was a fun spot for the kids as there were tons of things to run and jump on.  What was super sweet was the fact K parents insisted our daughter come and join the fun… which was such a win win for me as nothing beats having my 2 girls within eye sight as I work.

The theme of the party was Frozen and my friends at J’Adore Sweet made this gorgeous cake that fit the theme perfectly.  I want to sincerely thank my friend M&C for the continued support and having me capture their daughter’s first birthday. Great seeing the whole family. Here are just a few pics from the event.  Thanks,


Leon Chai
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The perfect winter engagement photo shoot. Melissa and Mike

All we needed was a unicorn or maybe Bambi running across the field.  This was like the perfect winter engagement shoot.  I love the fact that the past few lifestyle engagement shoots were all done outdoors in the winter wonderland. The one killer thing was the COLD weather.

When Melissa and Mike said they wanted to do a winter shoot, they could not have picked a better day.  A few weeks back during this shoot, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  It was warm and there was blowing snow which kinda made the shoot look magical.  What really made the shoot was of course, Melissa and Mike. They guys are super chill and such a great looking couple.

Mike and Melissa suggested that we meet near a path that they walk through all the time in Kleinburg.  So we all met up and literally just had some fun in the snow.  Melissa and Mike are a comfortable, loving, fun and playful couple which was reflected in front of the camera. I love all the cute props that they brought with them too. We wrapped up our shoot inside a cool little forest we saw when driving by.

To my friends Melissa and Mike, I truly had a blast with this shoot and I can’t wait to do this again on the big day. Thanks so much again guys and we hope you like the pics =)


Your Friend, Leon
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Gifting this surprise family shoot for his wife’s birthday

H contacted me about setting up a family shoot as a surprise for his wife’s birthday. This was super thoughtful of him but I did warn him just from past experience with surprise shoots, he should give a little warning or make sure his wife would be ready for the camera somehow. We have done a few shoots in the past where the partner was totally surprised (good thing) but so not ready for the camera (bad thing) =)

On the morning of their shoot, I met the whole family at their beautiful house.  H and his wife have 2 adorable daughters.  During the shoot it was sweet seeing the whole family interact and for me it was fun capturing the things they do in this family lifestage.   The whole family was super comfortable in front of the camera which really made for fun candid pics of everyone.  It was awesome that we got to wrap up our shoot with the whole family practicing yoga… super cute stuff.

I want to sincerely thank our mutual friend Winnie for the warm introduction. I want to thank H for coordinating this shoot and having me capture this day. Here are some pics from your gift to your wife.  Thanks again and enjoy!


Your Friend, Leon
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Y &P and their beautiful little daughter D

We have been going through non-stop picture processing in our studio over the last month.  Being so in the zone, the updates on our blog have been lacking to say the least.  So it’s actually a refreshing break to login and post up some pics that we’re always proud to showcase.

I met Y, P and their cute little daughter D for the first time on the day of this shoot.  This family as a whole is super sweet and their daughter is really cute.  Baby D was great and so co-operative on the day of her shoot.  I loved how her parents had some cute props, like the knitted sock skates and mini hockey stick. Not to go off topic but every time I do a baby shoot and the baby is younger then my daughter (I believe baby D is 3 months younger) , I go into a reminiscent mode… man… it’s so true what they say about how kids grow up so quick… anyways, I digress.

Y&P are really good peoples as I got to know them throughout the shoot.  I want to thank them both for opening their home to me and having me capture their beautiful family.  I also want to thank our mutual friend Serena for the warm intro and for all the support you have given us – thank you!  Here are some pics from their super cute session.

Your Friend, Leon
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