Klia & Nick, The wedding count down begins!

September is pretty busy for us… back to back shooting every weekend… wedding then baby shoot, wedding then baby shoot… man the second verse of that nursery rhyme of “sitting in a tree” really does apply in life. The first two weddings this month are start off with personal friends of mine (Klia and Nick fall in this category of course) which makes what I do that much more enjoyable.

I’m really glad I got to do this fun engagement shoot with Klia and Nick. I think they are both fantastic people and having to spend a little time together during this shoot only validates this notion. We all met at Evergreen Brick Works where we basically walked around the beautiful grounds, chatted and of course captured some pics. Klia and Nick are right at home with each other which makes my job easy breezy. I love the fact that they are up for any adventure, as they climbed across trails to make shots happen. Since Nick and I are forever car guys, I suggest we get some pics with his car. Ironically enough, we have the same car… great minds =) To save Gi time from over riding this post.. let me correct myself.. Gi and Nick have the same ride. Ironically enough… Nick and Gi previous to the STI had the same cars too… what the heck.. haha.

It’s hard for me to vocalize how thankful I am for having the support of friends like Klia and Nick. Aside from the obvious in having us capture the day, you guys made the process easy for us… basically here’s the date and see you then. I appreciate the trust. So.. 2 more weeks and the party begins =) See you guys soon and thanks again!

Your Friend,

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