Eglantine & Nelson’s Winter Wedding /// Toronto

Our first wedding of the season was for Eggy and Nelson.   We were super excited because it was a winter wedding.   I mean how can you not love snow and a wedding party?  I started off the day with Nelson and his boys – with a quick pit stop to Tim Horton’s before the festivities began.  I guess it was appropriate because Tim Horton’s is opened by a hockey player…..and well these two have a little hockey competitiveness in their blood. You see, Eggy and Nelson are HUGE, I mean HUGE, hockey fans.  The only problem is that they do not cheer for the same team.   Eggy is a Montreal Canadien’s fan and Nelson is not.  He cheers for the true blue Toronto Maple Leafs.     Apparently these two people who cheer for opposite teams were able to look past that find love between them.   Hockey – the language of true love = )

Thanks, Gi

I got a whole wack of messages from various people asking if we were still traveling… I attribute that to our lack of blog entries in the past little while…my apologies, but we’re back in full throttle now =).  Now to the main event… Eggy and Nelson’s Wedding.  I love these guys…from the moment I met them both on that crazy rain storm day.  A week before their wedding…I usually do my ritual sun dance… it’s trade secret that has a 99.9 percent success rate but since this was a winter wedding… I had to revise it and dance for snow!    So in the morning, I got to Eggy’s place a little early and it was just me and her father and Honey.    Shortly after, Eggy and the rest of the girls / fam came and the festivities began!   For those of you that know her, she’s absolutely a vibrant energetic person that’s always smiling… so needless to say, she was her same self throughout her day.

After their beautiful ceremony, we all headed down to Unionville Main Street for some photos.   At this point of the day, I got to give kudos to the wedding party and family… cause it was COLD that day…but the awesome part was …. It was all fun with everyone which is always great.   The rest of the night was an absolute blast.

Eggy and Nelson, thank you guys so much for having Gi and I be a part of you special day!  You guys rock!    As always, here are some pics to visually story tell your perfect day.   Much love guys and we can’t wait to connect with you guys again.

P.S.  That hockey game last night… what was the score?  Hehe… Go Eggy!!!  =)

Your Friend,

Leon Chai
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