Farica and Andrew’s Festivities Part 1 // Hawaii Luau

To get everyone together before the wedding day, Andrew and Farica set up a fantastic Luau for all of their guests.   I have never been at a Luau before so this was very interesting and exciting for me.   The entertainment was fantastic with the Chief who kept the crowd excited – it seemed like he took some notes from Leon’s playbook as he definitely had a special “humor” to him =P   We got a taste of some authentic Hawaiian food, tattoos, and of course crazy hula dancers.   The fun part of this private luau was that the Chief pulled the audience up on the stage to show their moves.  I must say these wedding guests can definitely shake their hips with the best of them.   Of course, one of the best highlights ended the show with a fire display. They moved so fast and threw the fire around like it was nothing but you could feel the heat.  Not sure how you could top a luau like the one we got!  Thanks to Andrew and Farica for giving us the best excuse to get together – your wedding  =)


I can’t believe its been over a week since the awesome events that took place in Hawaii. Back to Toronto for us as our tans peel away in this cold weather.  We documented the various events that took place for their wedding, starting off with the Luau.   Gi and I have never been to one before, so this was pretty exciting stuff for us with the actual event being even better then we could have imagined.  I know Gi just went into the details of the event so I’ll let the pics do the talking… but before that, I also wanted to showcase some other captures as we were lucky enough to have some time to hang with the busy bride and groom before the luau.   We went around the island of Oahu to try out some of the must do’s and stopped off at some of the most gorgeous points on the island.  BTW, sorry about the rerouting to the destination… contrary to popular belief and my history with the groom… I’m not directionally challenged.. I just had a lot of back seat drivers =)

Here are a handful of captures to tell the story of this event from our amazing time in Hawaii.

Your Friend, Leon
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