My little buddy turned one.

I love this little guy and I was thrilled that his parents asked me to capture his first birthday last month. Gi and I were lucky to have spent a lot of time with Little N and his parents ever since he was born. So seeing him turn one for us was extra special.

The theme of the party was “wheels on the bus” and the parents nailed it. N’s Aunty’s and mom even made a cardboard bus for all of N’s friends to play with and it rocked! The day of the party it seemed like the kids were everywhere and even out numbered the adults... but it was all good since there were a ton of things to do from the crafting station, bouncy castle to my man Kevin Chan rocking his photo booth set up with props to match the theme. The parents also got little N a traditional Korean outfit where he then had to choose his destiny. The party ended cutting his wheels on the bus cake.

As the parents saved the topper.. . we headed over to little N’s the next day and busted out a smake cake session =) Love you lots guys.

Uncle Leon
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Happy Birthday // Smash Cake

I want to first thank my friends Joyce and Denyse from Lullaboo Blossoms for this warm referral and hope you both are keeping well =)  T and I chatted on email about setting up this Christmas shoot / first birthday smash cake shoot for their son a month back. If my memory serves me correctly, his birthday should be right around now. .. so happy birthday =)  I never met T&A prior to the shoot… but the ironic thing is and I say this with all smiles and giggles is that in all 7 years of doing this, I never had so many emails fly back and forth.. leading up to a shoot… all good though.. I respect people that prepare.  Speaking of which, on the day of their shoot, they where totally prepared. We started off doing a few family captures and worked outside for a bit and finished off with this awesome smash cake session.

To my new friends, T&A thanks for this shoot. Happy Birthday to your son A and wishing you guys a Merry Christmas!   Here are a few more pics from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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