K’s First Birthday

We have been really busy with non-stop editing, meetings and shoots these past few weeks.  As always, I am insanely thankful and wouldn’t want it any other way.  During the mix of everything, I got to photograph some special first birthday events too. Since our daughter will be turning one soon, I’ve been soaking in all the ideas for her party.

I was happy to be contacted by my friend M who asked me to capture her daughter’s first birthday party. This was awesome since the last time I saw their daughter K was when we did her newborn pics… and now she is 1…crazy how time flies. On the day of their shoot, we met at their house first and captured some shots of family getting K ready for the party. It’s sweet that Mom and Dad had K’s outfit all prepared out and ready.  The party was right around the corner at  Kidnasium.  This was a fun spot for the kids as there were tons of things to run and jump on.  What was super sweet was the fact K parents insisted our daughter come and join the fun… which was such a win win for me as nothing beats having my 2 girls within eye sight as I work.

The theme of the party was Frozen and my friends at J’Adore Sweet made this gorgeous cake that fit the theme perfectly.  I want to sincerely thank my friend M&C for the continued support and having me capture their daughter’s first birthday. Great seeing the whole family. Here are just a few pics from the event.  Thanks,


Leon Chai
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Celebrating One Year

It’s been a busy few months for us with a lot of great captures that I’m finally getting a chance to play catch up on posting. I’m excited to post a handful of awesome first year celebrations along with newborns and of course hitting full swing into our wedding season. So before I head out this morning (actually just got back from an early ride.. can’t feel my fingers still) as we have a busy a day ahead of us, I wanted to post this cute first birthday celebration of this handsome little fella.

Little man C parent’s went all out for his son’s first birthday. This private party was held at a sweet and perfect place where all of C’s family and friends were able to celebrate with him. One of the spotlights of C’s party was the killer dessert table made by C’s aunt Maureen, all themed with Sesame Street characters. Maureen you got some mad delicious talent! As you will see in the pics was that there was so much love for this little guy from all of his friends and family.

To my friends Dave and Elna, love seeing you both and thanks always for having me capture these special events for your family. Gi and I are stoked about Carter’s upcoming brother and can’t wait to meet the little guy when the time comes =) Here are some pics from the party as the rest are on your way.

Your Friend, Leon
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Little B’s First Birthday Party

J&S asked us to take some pictures of the big birthday bash of Little B’s first birthday.  It was a chance to get together some family, friends, and tons of kids.  Great for us to since the L family is one that Leon and I have worked with many times and we can say are our good friends.

Now when you think of a 1 year old party, you typically think of it as a party for the parents.   But I must say, this was definitely a party that made sure the kids were having tons of fun.  It was an all out adventure where J&S put tons of effort to make this 1st birthday extra special.  The room was decorated with safari animals and there were great stations for all the kids.   I mean, there was a station for colouring, making crowns, and even a swimming station (made of plastic balls).  And as if that wasn’t enough, they even had a clown come to the party!  She not only painted faces but made everything imaginable with balloons. I had birthday parties when I was a kid but this was definitely an all out bash.

The piece de resistance of course was the cake.   It was a classic cake that J&S decorated themselves, which I think was super cute and matched the theme perfectly.   Little B is not only lucky that he has parent’s who love him but also ones that are super creative.

Being a kid is just so much fun as you can see in the pics.

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