An afternoon with Gemma.

It's always so nice to do these shoots for friends. I get to play catch up and in this case.. I finally get to meet this adorable addition to their family – Gemma.  There was a part of me when scheduling this shoot where I wanted to bring my daughter… As she LOVES dogs.. Especially since  her “friend” Buddy is a golden-doodle too.  I definitely have to schedule another time to meet up with these guys.

OK,Gemma rocks. She is so flipping cute and I can see how she brings everyone around her joy. We did this shoot in their gorgeous home and basically had a fun lifestyle session approach capturing their day to day activities with Gemma.

I want to thank our friends Sarah and Paul for gifting this shoot – super awesome of you guys. To my friends Andrea and Des, so great seeing you both and enjoyed hanging out.. Hope to see you guys soon…we still have to do lunch =)

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