Brooklyn’s Lifestyle Shoot

My cousin Andrew asked me if I could shoot a few pics of his girlfriend’s dog Brooklyn.  They are planning to frame the images and giving them as a Christmas gift to her mom.    Before I get into this session, there is something you got to know about me.  I love dogs.  I want a dog…BAD… but as I try everyday to justify to the wife of how I can manage owning a dog, my rational and much better half always brings me back to reality of how my lifestyle really is… and how unfair it would be to have a puppy since I’m always out and about shooting and traveling.   In my last attempt to convince her last week, I even proposed to rebrand myself as the photographer that bring his dog to every shoot… y-e-a-h… she didn’t buy it… nor do I think any bride or groom would be cool with me bringing a lab to their house on their wedding day =)

Ok, back to the session…I told Andrew and his girlfriend Farica, that a lifestyle session would be perfect for Brooklyn.  Lets keep things candid and we’ll work on some portraits after.  I also suggested we do this so if she wants, we can create a coffee book table album as an alternative gift…opposed to one portrait picture.   So we started off the shoot inside the condo and worked our way around outside. Brooklyn was such a natural in front of the camera and super cute.

As always, I just want to thank Andrew and Farica for the support and here are some pics to story tell Brooklyn’s lifestyle session. – Enjoy!

Leon Chai
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