Andrea & Ian’s Wedding. Boston to Toronto, Columbus Event Centre Wedding

The middle of August is usually always pretty insane time of year for us. It’s a three hit combo of the never-ending post processing, weekend wedding / shoots and being blessed to be able to meet with new prospects. So the downfall is that we been a little behind on updating our website in sharing all these cool shoots with you guys.

Andrea and Ian’s wedding was pretty unique in the sense that they both live in Boston and had their wedding in Toronto. I can only imagine how tough it must have been for the both of them to do all the planning outside of the city. Kudos to them, and to all the family and friends that helped out.

In the morning of the their wedding, I was with Andrea and her bridesmaids / family while Kevin was with Ian and his groomsmen. We all met outside Andrea parent’s house to do the reveal. The weather was crazy hot that day and at a certain point the wedding party almost gave up with the outdoor photos… but we ended up beating the heat by taking a Starbuck’s break. The outdoor ceremony was perfect when we got back to the Columbus Event Centre in the afternoon as it got a little cooler. As the guests poured in, it was so nice to see some familiar faces that we have not seen in a while.

In the evening, it was pretty awesome to see the reception with their theme of Ninjas (check out the cake). Not to mention the fact that the bride and groom started the night party with a pretty bad ass coordinated dance.

To Andrea and Ian, thanks so much for having us capture your wedding. Here are some pics we chose to visually story tell your beautiful day. Enjoy!
Your Friend,
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Vanessa & Dan are Married! // Columbus Event Centre Wedding

It’s such a great feeling when we get to capture multiple wedding from the same family.  I mean it’s great seeing familiar faces again especially when it is such a happy occasion.  So in the morning when I started at Vanessa’s place and walked into their home, it was a warm welcome from the family with lots of offerings of food and espresso.  The festivities continued for the rest of the morning as the friends and family poured in through the doors and spread throughout, inside and outside the house.  I didn’t even get a chance to find Stella and Mike right away  (sister of the bride wedding we captured previously) since I so wanted to see their adorable daughter and them.   I did get to Vanessa though, and as always she was super calm full of smiles.   She quickly got into her gorgeous dress and popped out to see everyone, right before she jumped into the sweet silver vintage Rolls Royce.

Not until I checked out Gi’s pics of her and the guys in the morning did I get see that the guys had hopped on a streetcar.   The dichotomy of the two commutes to the church are hilarious! Good times =)   Once again, St. Clare’s Church was a beautiful venue which nicely matched Vanessa and Dan’s ceremony.  After the Church, we headed off to U of T for pics. The rain was intense that day, as you’ll see in the pics,  but the best part about it was that everyone was in a great mood.  This meant we all had a super fun time shooting with both the sun and the rain.  When we got back to the Columbus Event Centre, the rest of the night was awesome.  The live band was killer and the speeches were super fun.  I mean fresh prince of bell air – who doesn’t love a parody of the classics.   We set up a photo booth that night  (I’ll upload these images in my next entry) and its fun to see young and old enjoying dressing up.

To Vanessa and Dan, congrats again guys and great seeing you again last week.  Thank you so much for having Gi and I capture your amazing day.  We’re honoured and thankful for the continued support.  Here are just a few (hundred) pics to visually story tell your day.  Enjoy,

Your Friend, Leon Chai
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