The perfect combo – Park, love & Chatime. Amy + Gary

I can’t believe it’s mid September already.. crazy.   This month just flew by for us as we’ve been insanely busy capturing all these awesome weddings and other shoots.  We’re really excited to share.  This month and next is pretty crazy, as we’re blessed to be booked with beautiful clients such as Amy + Gary.

I’m happy to be able to work with them as they are genuinely good and kind peoples.… (dudes.. I owe you like 3 Chatimes now =)  For the locations of this shoot, I got to kick back in the back seat of their ride as they drove me around to some spots they liked.  Amy and Gary are a great looking couple which made my job pretty easy. I loved the fact they Amy and Gary brought props and the most tastiest one of them all… Chatime.

To my new friends, Amy and Gary, thank you guys so much for having us be a part of your big day tomorrow. We’re honoured and excited.  Next round of Chatime on me.  Can’t wait to see you guy tomorrow!


Your Friend,

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