Wedding at Canoe Restaurant Jennifer & Shekeb

I remember when I first corresponded with the bride, she described to me a simple civil ceremony and some pretty pics after. A few months later… the wedding evolved to what we see in the pics…  2 ceremonies and a reception at one of Toronto’s best restaurants =)

This was a rainy day, but it totally worked out for pics… especially since the bride and groom were willing to make it happen.  I have shot at Canoe Restaurant so many times and it’s always good times – from the view to the food – for those who haven’t been check out this documentary on the head chef .

Many thanks my friends Jennifer and Shekeb!

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Amy & Eric’s Wedding// Canoe Restaurant Toronto

Vintage, travel, classy and sexy. 4 words to describe this wedding.  Let me back track a bit before we get into their wedding.  A year ago when I first met this amazing couple and had the opportunity to get to know each other, I realized we had so many similarities in taste, from the love of travel to food and when we got taking about their wedding… I knew it would be the perfect fit.  It’s no new news that Gi and I love doing weddings but when we get the opportunity to use the urban centre as our creative playground – we extra love doing weddings.  Amy and Eric’s wedding started off in morning at 1 King West where they both got ready in different rooms.   Right after we headed downstairs where Gi was with Eric and the guys in the vault waiting for the reveal.   Thankfully the weather held up so we headed outside and had some fun with this awesome wedding party.  There were so many aspects I loved about this wedding that before I get into pics to visually story tell their day, I quickly summarize my top 10 things I LOVED about this wedding:

-       Vintage travel theme. They nailed it.

-       The MC was awesome and creative.  Captain oh captain.

-       Serious attention to detail

-       Amy’s wedding dress

-       Working with Jacqueline and Nellie from L3 events Inc. – good peoples

-       Canoe

-       Awesome wedding party

-       Impeccable food

-       Shooting with my wife.  Don’t say this often enough.

-       Amy and Eric – individually and both as a marriage couple.

Your Friend, Leon

Leon has many words to describe this wedding for me there is just one.  Classic.   Amy and Eric’s personalities really showed through every step of the way in this wedding.   From the beginning to the end.   The ever classic venue of 1 King West to the beautiful view at Canoe.

What amazes me about this couple is their love story.  I just wanted to share a snippet as it was what really stood out to me on their wedding day.  In the first few months of dating, Amy had to let him know that she was taking an opportunity overseas.   So what does Eric do, he takes the next year to figure a way to get there with her.   These two make me believe that romance is alive and burning.   When you have a storybook beginning like that, you know that the wedding could only be one that continues to meet the storybook expectations.

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Andrea and Michael’s Wedding!!

I know we’re in what feels like the heart of the summer with today’s weather, but when I first met Andrea and Michael the weather was the complete opposite.  It was last year during the first crazy snow storm of the season…I remember being stuck on the 407 as everyone was creeping at 10km an hour…. When we all met up at the initial consultation, what I liked most about Andrea and Michael is that they wanted to keep things simple.  Great food, great friends and family, great photos and lots of fun.  Simple but perfect goal.

Fast forward a year later and their wedding day was EXACTLY what  they had wanted.   The venue was at Canoe  (awesome, awesome food), friends and family from both sides were totally connected with each other and these guys know how to party!  In terms of the good photo part… well… see below =)

I wanted to truly thank Andrea and Michael for having Gi and I on your day.  You guys, all your friends, and family know how to party!!! Special thanks to my friend Lucia for the warm referral to this couple – it was great seeing you at the wedding.

Here are just a small handful of pics from your day!  See you guys soon!

Your Friend – Leon
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Linda + Chris Married!!!

Every time I get the opportunity to “pitch” for a wedding shoot, I tell all my prospective clients the same thing, “don’t worry about what you feed us”.  The reality is that my team and I rarely ever have time to sit and eat at a wedding.  Nonetheless, time and time again my clients are always super awesome, and treat us like their guests, giving us the full meal. I have 30 extra pounds that I gained since I started the business to prove it =). Linda and Chris’s wedding was no exception to this kind gesture and it was most enjoyable as their venue was at Canoe… Delicious.

Their wedding was unique in the sense that the day really represented who they are – classy, kind, fun and giving. I remembered when I first met with Chris and Linda, I asked about their wedding and one clear objective stood out.  There was to be no formalities, just excellent food, wine, and ambiance to be shared with their closest friends and family.  Well congratulations guys you successfully achieved your goal.

The morning started off with me hanging out with Linda and the girls while Eugene captured the guys at the Fairmont Royal York.  It is always kind of cool when I get to see familiar faces that I have met at other weddings aka Linda’s sister =).    Chris and Linda tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in the grand venue of the Royal York and spoiled their guests with food and wine at Canoe.

If you have been following my blog, you’ll notice that G’s been writing some of the entries and has begun taking over the blog steering wheel… cause she thinks I am a horrible writer (she edits everything I put on – apparently I am not always grammatically correct)… so fine... lets cut to the chase and I’ll tell you about their day by doing what I do best.. through images =)

Linda and Chris, congrats again and thank you so much for having me be a part of your big day and supporting me to do what I love =)



Ceremony - The Fairmont Royal York

Venue - Canoe Restaurant and Bar

Hair - Grace Nguyen (

Make Up - Joan Huang
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