K’s First Birthday

We have been really busy with non-stop editing, meetings and shoots these past few weeks.  As always, I am insanely thankful and wouldn’t want it any other way.  During the mix of everything, I got to photograph some special first birthday events too. Since our daughter will be turning one soon, I’ve been soaking in all the ideas for her party.

I was happy to be contacted by my friend M who asked me to capture her daughter’s first birthday party. This was awesome since the last time I saw their daughter K was when we did her newborn pics… and now she is 1…crazy how time flies. On the day of their shoot, we met at their house first and captured some shots of family getting K ready for the party. It’s sweet that Mom and Dad had K’s outfit all prepared out and ready.  The party was right around the corner at  Kidnasium.  This was a fun spot for the kids as there were tons of things to run and jump on.  What was super sweet was the fact K parents insisted our daughter come and join the fun… which was such a win win for me as nothing beats having my 2 girls within eye sight as I work.

The theme of the party was Frozen and my friends at J’Adore Sweet made this gorgeous cake that fit the theme perfectly.  I want to sincerely thank my friend M&C for the continued support and having me capture their daughter’s first birthday. Great seeing the whole family. Here are just a few pics from the event.  Thanks,


Leon Chai
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Happy Birthday // Smash Cake

I want to first thank my friends Joyce and Denyse from Lullaboo Blossoms for this warm referral and hope you both are keeping well =)  T and I chatted on email about setting up this Christmas shoot / first birthday smash cake shoot for their son a month back. If my memory serves me correctly, his birthday should be right around now. .. so happy birthday =)  I never met T&A prior to the shoot… but the ironic thing is and I say this with all smiles and giggles is that in all 7 years of doing this, I never had so many emails fly back and forth.. leading up to a shoot… all good though.. I respect people that prepare.  Speaking of which, on the day of their shoot, they where totally prepared. We started off doing a few family captures and worked outside for a bit and finished off with this awesome smash cake session.

To my new friends, T&A thanks for this shoot. Happy Birthday to your son A and wishing you guys a Merry Christmas!   Here are a few more pics from our session.

Your Friend, Leon
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