Andrea and Michael’s Wedding!!

I know we’re in what feels like the heart of the summer with today’s weather, but when I first met Andrea and Michael the weather was the complete opposite.  It was last year during the first crazy snow storm of the season…I remember being stuck on the 407 as everyone was creeping at 10km an hour…. When we all met up at the initial consultation, what I liked most about Andrea and Michael is that they wanted to keep things simple.  Great food, great friends and family, great photos and lots of fun.  Simple but perfect goal.

Fast forward a year later and their wedding day was EXACTLY what  they had wanted.   The venue was at Canoe  (awesome, awesome food), friends and family from both sides were totally connected with each other and these guys know how to party!  In terms of the good photo part… well… see below =)

I wanted to truly thank Andrea and Michael for having Gi and I on your day.  You guys, all your friends, and family know how to party!!! Special thanks to my friend Lucia for the warm referral to this couple – it was great seeing you at the wedding.

Here are just a small handful of pics from your day!  See you guys soon!

Your Friend – Leon
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