M’s going to be the best big brother…

I’m so happy for my friends and their upcoming baby, they’re going to have so much fun as a family of four.   For this awesome maternity shoot, we met up at their home and headed off to a provincial park that’s was right around the corner from them.   For the life of me I couldn’t remember the park’s name but this place was amazing… had animals and ton of open space, felt like we had our own private zoo to ourselves.    J (the mom) looks amazing and of course the Dad too =)  Their son is so full of energy and so much fun to take pics of.  Their newest addition is going to love have him as a big brother and of course vice versa.

I’m really thankful for this family’s support as over the years from doing shoots for them to doing some amazing shoots for their family and friends.  I’m super thankful for J’s friendship… for whatever reason, she’s been one of my first go to in telling our kids crazy birth stories – so I appreciate the big ears.  I want to wish you both a smooth, easy, fast birth and I can’t wait to meet the little baby.



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Winnie and Carson Married! Markham Event Centre Wedding

This wedding will always be pretty memorable for me as the week before their wedding our son was born and a few weeks after their wedding… I headed off to Korea to do a corporate shoot for Samsung.  So this past month has been pretty crazy for me… aka lack of sleep..hehe

The morning of their wedding I started off with Winnie getting ready and Kevin C was with Carson.   For me, it was literally a minute driving distance away… which was such a nice change.  Winnie’s whole family are really nice peoples…very welcoming from the moment I walked into their home.  The morning started with the guys popping by first to do some traditional door games to get the bride as you’ll see in the pics.   We used Unionville main street as the photo location… which worked out well.. as it wasn’t too busy.. especially compared to the past few weeks where it has been filled with festivals and car shows.  Winnie and Carson’s wedding party were super fun people to hang out with.  Speaking of which as I learned at the wedding… one of their groomsmen (I believe it was Sean) is also a photographer…and did such a great job capturing their engagement shoot in NYC.

Before I let the pics do the talking, I want to sincerely thank Laurence for this warm referral and my good friend Kevin C for shooting this event with me.  Last but not least, I want to sincerely thank Winnie and Carson for having us capture their perfect day. Here are some pics we selected to showcase your day.  Enjoy!



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6 months old!

The original date that we had planned this shoot was the exact same day that our baby boy was born… So off the bat..I want to  thank S&D for being flexible enough to reschedule.. I would have came still but my wife would have killed me =) Although I probably said this at every single stage with our daughter but 6 months is one of my favourite stages which was the same age as my friend’s beautiful daughter.

Ok.. Captain obvious over here but baby M is so, so adorable.. I swear I think she had this big happy smile in every shot I took of her … Love it.  For the shoot we kept things simple and used their beautiful home which worked out perfectly.  To my friends S&D, so great seeing you guys and little M again. Thanks always for the on going support. Here are just a few pics from ours 6 month old shoot!


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Our baby boy and his super heroes.

Aside from that fact that I’m so in love with my little guy and still can’t believe we have a family of 4 now… I really don’t know where to start this story.

Scared. I start off with that... and not for obvious reasons… let me rewind. We never thought that we would be blessed with the hope of having a second child…let alone actually even having one. It took us 5 years before we had our beautiful Alexis “Hope” Chai and you can imagine how insanely happy we were to hear about our baby boy.  So why scared? Well… Long and short…  my wife lost an insane amount of blood during the birth of our daughter and I nearly lost her.

So for the 9 months of Gigi’s pregnancy what I kept to myself was how petrified I was of losing my wife with the birth of our son.  So what happened 14 days ago? We headed to the hospital around 11:30pm and was told to go home as she was only dilated 3-4 centimeters and nurse’s joked around that.. Gi looked way too comfortable to be in labour.   We went home and one hour later... my wife was screaming at the top of her lungs about the insane amount of labour pains.  I quote the ambulance… “we didn’t have to look for your house number… we heard your house.”


The morning of May 11, 2016... was filled with many heroes.  Starting with the 911 dispatcher, who did such an amazing job calming the freaked out helpless husband… (when you hear the words…. I am going to guide you to deliver this baby…staying cool…is so tough) – I thank you so much.  To the paramedics that made it just in time to deliver my son safely and re-assuring me a million times that my wife and baby were doing great -  I thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As my wife always says… it takes a village to raise a child… and I was so lucky that her mom was with us that night… to be there for Gigi and watch over our daughter (I don’t even want to imagine if I had to juggle her and my wife that night) – thank you for grandma for everything you do. I love you.  To my wife Gigi, my best friend, the love of my life and now one extra designation …my hero.  I owe you the world Gi.

Love, Leon
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My Growing Family

I haven’t been blogging often with Leon …couple of reasons….busy with a 21 month old, work, and being pregnant. Now the world is going to be even crazier when this little guy is born so before his arrival I am taking a quick chance to put down some thoughts.  Really it is a blog about all the things I am thankful for.

First off,  I have to thank God for the gift of our daughter and everything she has taught us over the last 21 months.  Now I have to thank God again because I never thought I was going to be given the gift of two children.  I won’t lie but I am a little more scared the second time around.  Scared of whether I will be able to raise a boy since I have always been surrounded by women in my life, scared of how I make sure that neither of my children feel favoured or left out at the same time, scared of how I can be a good mother, a good wife, and a career woman all at once, scared of how my decisions impact those around me.    This I guess is what they call parenthood.

I am super thankful for Leon who has been the backbone to this family during this crazy time.  He is my superman and super dad when I am a nervous wreck.  He deals with my emotions whether they are up or down and supports all of us through it all.   We still fight, we still battle it out, but at the end of the day I am thankful that we do because it only means that we are willing to challenge each other and care enough to make it work. Raising a family isn’t easy, keeping a marriage together is even harder, and remembering how lucky we are to just be alive is the reality of life.    We both remind each other of that and I am lucky to have a partner in life that is my best friend, my husband, and a father who is truly hands on.  I can’t really ask for more.

It takes a village to raise a child and I can’t finish this blog without mentioning one more important person in this family unit.  My mom.   She is in HK right now at a reunion of sorts ( wish I was there but for some reason being 36 weeks pregnant they don’t recommend flying :p ).   She has been the reason why I have been able to do all the things that I have accomplished in life and in recent months.   She is the reason why Alexis feels loved from all sides and why Leon and I have a great relationship.  From the day I was born she has been my guardian and she continues to be.  I can only hope that I can take care of her half as well as she has taken care of me over the years.

And with that I am anxiously waiting for little boy’s arrival.   His room is almost done, I have two more weeks before I am off work, and I am so excited for my daughter to have a built in friend for life.   I know that just because they are siblings they are not guaranteed best friends but I hope they growing up knowing they have one another.  Maybe it is my wishful thinking since I was raised as an only child and always saw how all my friends had these enviable relationships with their siblings.

So to my child who is joining this family in less than a month.   Mommy is excited for you to join us and she wants to remind you that as lucky as we are to have you join us.  You are a lucky child because you have a family that will love you more than life itself.   As the theme in our household goes…”All you need is love”
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Kirsten & Jeff. Distillery District Engagement Shoot

When I got back from this shoot last week… I showed Gi the pics and the first thing she said… “Dreamy looking couple”.  I couldn’t agree more.   So we actually scheduled this shoot 3 weeks ago… but on that day it was raining (like that nasty blowing wind rain) and rescheduled to last weekend… which was a much better day but cold.

Kirsten and Jeff are such wonderful peoples and I mean that sincerely. Both really easy going and being captain obvious for a second… they are such a good looking couple. The shoot was fun… felt like we had the whole distillery district to ourselves.. . as it wasn’t busy and it was pretty cold that day.   Kirsten and Jeff bared the cold weather pretty well with no complaints. We took a walk towards the Esplanade (Again.. skinny Kirsten in heels .. with freezing cold weather.. such a trooper) and ended off with a few shots there.

I sincerely want to thank Kirsten & Jeff for this shoot. I’m a little bummed out that we’re booked on your wedding date but I’m so honoured to be able to do this for you both. I’m excited to see pics from your upcoming wedding and I know you guys will have an amazing time.  Wishing you guys all the best. See you both soon!


Your Friend, Leon
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