My Growing Family

I haven’t been blogging often with Leon …couple of reasons….busy with a 21 month old, work, and being pregnant. Now the world is going to be even crazier when this little guy is born so before his arrival I am taking a quick chance to put down some thoughts.  Really it is a blog about all the things I am thankful for.

First off,  I have to thank God for the gift of our daughter and everything she has taught us over the last 21 months.  Now I have to thank God again because I never thought I was going to be given the gift of two children.  I won’t lie but I am a little more scared the second time around.  Scared of whether I will be able to raise a boy since I have always been surrounded by women in my life, scared of how I make sure that neither of my children feel favoured or left out at the same time, scared of how I can be a good mother, a good wife, and a career woman all at once, scared of how my decisions impact those around me.    This I guess is what they call parenthood.

I am super thankful for Leon who has been the backbone to this family during this crazy time.  He is my superman and super dad when I am a nervous wreck.  He deals with my emotions whether they are up or down and supports all of us through it all.   We still fight, we still battle it out, but at the end of the day I am thankful that we do because it only means that we are willing to challenge each other and care enough to make it work. Raising a family isn’t easy, keeping a marriage together is even harder, and remembering how lucky we are to just be alive is the reality of life.    We both remind each other of that and I am lucky to have a partner in life that is my best friend, my husband, and a father who is truly hands on.  I can’t really ask for more.

It takes a village to raise a child and I can’t finish this blog without mentioning one more important person in this family unit.  My mom.   She is in HK right now at a reunion of sorts ( wish I was there but for some reason being 36 weeks pregnant they don’t recommend flying :p ).   She has been the reason why I have been able to do all the things that I have accomplished in life and in recent months.   She is the reason why Alexis feels loved from all sides and why Leon and I have a great relationship.  From the day I was born she has been my guardian and she continues to be.  I can only hope that I can take care of her half as well as she has taken care of me over the years.

And with that I am anxiously waiting for little boy’s arrival.   His room is almost done, I have two more weeks before I am off work, and I am so excited for my daughter to have a built in friend for life.   I know that just because they are siblings they are not guaranteed best friends but I hope they growing up knowing they have one another.  Maybe it is my wishful thinking since I was raised as an only child and always saw how all my friends had these enviable relationships with their siblings.

So to my child who is joining this family in less than a month.   Mommy is excited for you to join us and she wants to remind you that as lucky as we are to have you join us.  You are a lucky child because you have a family that will love you more than life itself.   As the theme in our household goes…”All you need is love”
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Life in HK

A lot of people thought we were nuts for wanting to go to Asia with our three month old little girl.  And here we are half way through our trip that seemed so scary at first but will probably be one of our greatest memories as a family.   People scared us with things such as our baby girl is too young, what if she gets sick, the protests in HK will cause you to be locked up in your homes, you will not get to see the city, and her sleep will be ruined.

Luckily it has not been as dark and grim as everyone has foreshadowed.  Those who gave us hope that it is possible to travel with a three month old in a city that we love is what helped push us through.   Not to mention the fact that we are pretty determined parents with a daughter who seems to be adaptable to various environments.  As I tell everyone, we are very lucky to have a girl like her.  She was a great sleeper on the plane, she adapted to the time zone well, she lets us walk around and fusses a bit but there is always a reason for it.   As for the city itself, we have been able to experience the protest zones in HK and they truly are peaceful.  From Causeway Bay (where we are staying) to Mong Kok to Admiralty, the protests have truly been picturesque  and our daughter has  come along for the ride.

I don’t kid myself to say that this trip is for her because we all know that she will not remember any of this other than seeing the pictures later on in life.   However, for us it has been great because traveling as a small family unit is quality time that you cannot get at home.   You try and you say will but the day to day activities/responsibilities take over.   I do have to say that I can’t wait for more adventures as our little one grows up and we truly get to share the experiences with her and have these adventures in her memory bank.

Signing off – the scared parents who are now a little bit more confident in this decision to have this crazy adventure.

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Our Baby Girl

So it has been 15 days since the birth of our child. It has been a whirlwind romance that started from that first ultrasound when we found her heartbeat and she was just a little pea. This is one of the reasons that we still call her our little sweet pea.

Since we have been home for the last 8 days, it has been a lot of lessons learned for Leon, my mom, and I. I have to say that I am thankful and grateful to have so much help during these first few weeks. I have so much more respect for my own mother who was a single mom raising me. This job is hard and harder when you are broken the first couple of weeks after giving birth. The other lucky part is that I have a husband who is around to help me out since his schedule is flexible. As the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child and I now know that to be so true.

We have been preparing for our baby girl since we found out about her existence. There are so many things that we have worked on in the house that we have kept in limbo for the last six years. For instance, we actually finished another room in the house aka the nursery, upgraded ourselves from paper curtains to real curtains, and custom closets for baby and mommy (Thanks Daddy!).

As a new mom, I am in love with my baby girl. I know that she is a crazy crying helpless little thing but she is just so adorable. What makes her adorable other than the fact that she is precious and tiny. She is adorable because she is a product of commitment and love between Leon and myself. We have so much hope for her future and can only pray that we raise her in a way that she will be able to make good decisions going forward. As for now, I will just appreciate the little fleeting moments of love that we get to share.

As the theme of our nursery goes, “All you need is love”.

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Baby Shower Bliss

I don’t even have the words to express the gratitude I have for all of the friends and family who helped us celebrate this special time in our lives. Leon and I had our baby shower today and we were surrounded by love. As many of our friends know we are super excited to have our baby girl join our family soon and it is wonderful to know that they will be part of this crazy group of ours.

The shower was held at our wonderful friends Des/Andrea’s condo room which was the perfect place for everyone including the kids to hang out in. Thank you again for letting us use your place and I can’t wait to get back out on the field with the both of you =)

We were also lucky to have the caterers from our wedding – Rovey representing. We knew that Roger and Harvey, who catered our wedding were the right people to help feed the guests. Of course we were right, as it was perfect. Thank you for always making our celebrations so special.

Picture booth’s are always a normal thing to have for a photography couple and of course the only person who has the perfect set up is our buddy Kevin. The man who always has the best set up for these occasions. Thanks for setting it up for us with no questions asked. You are the man…and now Leon’s current partner in crime. Lucky I am not a jealous woman :p

As many may know, I am a control freak but this was one of the occasions that I did not control anything. Of course this is because I had 5 of my closest friends who planned the whole day. Before I even got to the event, I knew that it would be beautiful because these lovely ladies have the biggest hearts and not to mention they are also some of the most creative women I know. All I have to say is that I cannot be more Thankful as 4 out of 5 of these ladies are mothers of children under the age of 3. So having them spare their time to create such a fantastical event is more than a newbie mom like me deserves. I love all of you and words cannot express the gratitude that Leon and I have.

These ladies were not the only ones that showed us love. We often don’t get the chance to see everyone as we all know that our weekends tend to be filled with shoots. So we actually got to see a number of rare faces which we appreciate so much. We even got our girl Doreen who surprised us from overseas as she happened to be in town. I know that we don’t get to see each of you often enough but please know that we are so Thankful that each of you were able to make it out to celebrate with us. I wish that we could have spent more time with each of you and hopefully I will be able to catch up with all of you when I finally go on mat leave.

Thank you for the love….Thank you for your thoughts….Thank you for your gifts..….Thank you for your time….Thank you…Thank you… Thank you...We love you all.
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My heart sings with joy.

There are so many emotions that run through me as I write and post this blog today. I feel so blessed, humbled, scared and so in love all at the same time.

Where do I begin? Gi and I got married 5 years ago as of this Saturday and like all my friends that are married, the question we often hear is “when will we see a little one?” I had this humorous response which I told everyone “ July 10th, 2010 @ 3:00pm .” As much as that was meant to be a joke, after a year of that response, we figured when July 10th 2010 came around – what the heck… lets do it =) So to give you guys some insight, our journey began 4 years ago in wanting to start our family. I won’t lie and say that it hasn’t been tough times for us these past 4 years. However, what I really want to focus on before I dedicate this entry to my beautiful Gi, is how thankful we are. From all the support, the love and generosity that came in so many ways, we’re humbled and blessed.

So for all my long time followers and people that know us well, Chicago has always been a spot that’s special to us. Ironically we didn’t initially plan this trip to be Chicago as Boston was the original plan but because of the Marathon, we thought it would be too crazy to head there. So just like life plans change, we ended up in Chicago, which was perfect. 6 years ago, when I proposed to Gi in Chicago, we took some pics here and 6 years later I’m excited to show these pics of my beautiful wife I shot.

Dear Gi, I dedicate this entry to you. I really owe it to you for keeping us strong and sane throughout this journey. What we walk out of all of this with is not only a beautiful baby but also the knowledge that we can get through anything together. You continue to keep my soul calm and make me better person each day. I love you and I thank God everyday that I have you in my life. As much as I can’t wait to meet our sweet pea, I can’t wait for her to meet her amazing mummy. Happy upcoming 5 years gorgeous.

Love, Leon // aka Dad 2B.
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Thank you Fedex

Offset Printed

Front: Registered embossed icon/wordmark

Back: Letterpress, kissed impression

80lbs x 2 mounted matte cardstock

Top two reasons for keeping my card in your wallet/purse:

You’ll never have to worry about Bok Choy being stuck in your teeth and not being to get at it…and if you hate that annoying wobbly table… slip one of these puppies underneath the leg and you’ll be golden.

I’m thankful for my friend Chris L @ for creating / refining / nurturing our brand… Gi and I freakin love it.




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