K’s First Birthday + Cake Smash

If I look back at our daughter’s first birthday party…I swear that it was more stressful then planning a wedding.  At least for a wedding… the bride and groom can be hands off (should be hands off) on the day and just enjoy. But for these birthday’s… most of the time the parents are just scrambling setting up to make things perfect and the other half of the battle is making sure the guest of honor gets in a proper nap time before their party.

I met this beautiful family for the first time on the day of their son’s party. When I walked in the party room of Seoul House, everything looked amazing.  There were so many details that went into the party. I’ve probably done as many first birthday captures as weddings and for the first time at this party… the mom and dad even decorated their son’s high chair to reflect his first birthday.

K (the birthday boy) is such a cute little man.  His party was full of events with traditional Korean outfit changes for the little guy to the Doljanchi and ending off with a smash cake.

I want to thank my new friends for having me capture this special milestone for their family. Here are just a few pics from his party. Thanks so much guys!


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Our Baby Girl’s First Birthday, Ontario Science Centre Birthday Party

Soo…I never expected to be one of those mom’s that went crazy over a birthday….ummm…well maybe a little :p…Our baby girl has officially turned one today and we decided to celebrate this past weekend with our friends and family.   We have so many great friends and family we wanted to make sure we could see them all.  The perfect place for us was the Science Centre.   It was located mid-town, a place where Alexis goes to visit almost every other week, and there is tons of fun stuff for people to do.

Yes, I know, this party is more for us than her since she is only 1.  But we captured the pictures so hopefully she can remember them all since it will be the last big bang of a party she will have till she is 16.   The next party will be just be for the kids.

The theme of this party was Oh the Places You’ll Go!  The reason – I love this book and it is the book I read to her since she was born.   I also hope she gets to travel and experience so many more things in her life.

With the help of some awesome friends and family, we were able to pull this party off from a perfect sweet table made from love.  Cakes galore from Crystal included cupcakes, a smash cake, and a three tier cake.  Cookies, rice crispie squares, and pom pom balls from Marilyn just highlighted theme.   Not to forget the running around, cutting, gluing and late nights from Cousin J and Ms. Linh.   We also cannot forget Rovey Catering super team of Roger and Harvey – with the help of Miranda that made sure all our guests were fed.   They even made sure we had a noodle station – I mean anyone who knows me that soup and noodles are key staples in my diet J.  Last but not least is a key member of the Leon Chai Photography team, Mr. Kevin Chan who set up the photobooth.  We are lucky to have you not only as a friend but a partner in crime when it comes to shoots of all kinds – including our daughter.

This 3 hr party went by like a blur because we got a chance to see a lot of people we haven’t seen in a while.  I hope to get to see all of you more often at occasions beyond these crazy parties.   When I look back at the pictures, I know how lucky we are to have such fantastic people who have crossed our path in life.   I also know how lucky Alexis will be to grow up with so many friends in her life!  Thank you for all the love you have given to both us and our little girl.   This family thanks god everyday for the life we have been given.

This little family sends our love back to all of you.
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My little buddy turned one.

I love this little guy and I was thrilled that his parents asked me to capture his first birthday last month. Gi and I were lucky to have spent a lot of time with Little N and his parents ever since he was born. So seeing him turn one for us was extra special.

The theme of the party was “wheels on the bus” and the parents nailed it. N’s Aunty’s and mom even made a cardboard bus for all of N’s friends to play with and it rocked! The day of the party it seemed like the kids were everywhere and even out numbered the adults... but it was all good since there were a ton of things to do from the crafting station, bouncy castle to my man Kevin Chan rocking his photo booth set up with props to match the theme. The parents also got little N a traditional Korean outfit where he then had to choose his destiny. The party ended cutting his wheels on the bus cake.

As the parents saved the topper.. . we headed over to little N’s the next day and busted out a smake cake session =) Love you lots guys.

Uncle Leon
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1st birthday / Smash Cake

There’s nothing that makes me happier then capturing these events for friends. M&R are close friends of Gi and I and we absolutely love their cute daughter. She’s like my dumpling house buddy, where for whatever reason, we always end up eating there together all the time (ironically enough, it’s the same place we met last week when I gave them their pics..hehe)

I’ve been to other events from this family, so I pretty much know what to expect. The mom is pretty on the ball and when it comes to details, décor and dessert as you’ll see in the pics. The party was held at The Peanut Club where all of the birthday girl’s friends had a blast. After the event, we headed back to the grandparent’s home to do a cute smash cake which worked out perfectly.

To our friends R&M, much love guys and thanks for having me capture A’s first b-day event. See you guys at the next dumpling house / dim sum event.

You Friend, Leon
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