Baby Shower Bliss

I don’t even have the words to express the gratitude I have for all of the friends and family who helped us celebrate this special time in our lives. Leon and I had our baby shower today and we were surrounded by love. As many of our friends know we are super excited to have our baby girl join our family soon and it is wonderful to know that they will be part of this crazy group of ours.

The shower was held at our wonderful friends Des/Andrea’s condo room which was the perfect place for everyone including the kids to hang out in. Thank you again for letting us use your place and I can’t wait to get back out on the field with the both of you =)

We were also lucky to have the caterers from our wedding – Rovey representing. We knew that Roger and Harvey, who catered our wedding were the right people to help feed the guests. Of course we were right, as it was perfect. Thank you for always making our celebrations so special.

Picture booth’s are always a normal thing to have for a photography couple and of course the only person who has the perfect set up is our buddy Kevin. The man who always has the best set up for these occasions. Thanks for setting it up for us with no questions asked. You are the man…and now Leon’s current partner in crime. Lucky I am not a jealous woman :p

As many may know, I am a control freak but this was one of the occasions that I did not control anything. Of course this is because I had 5 of my closest friends who planned the whole day. Before I even got to the event, I knew that it would be beautiful because these lovely ladies have the biggest hearts and not to mention they are also some of the most creative women I know. All I have to say is that I cannot be more Thankful as 4 out of 5 of these ladies are mothers of children under the age of 3. So having them spare their time to create such a fantastical event is more than a newbie mom like me deserves. I love all of you and words cannot express the gratitude that Leon and I have.

These ladies were not the only ones that showed us love. We often don’t get the chance to see everyone as we all know that our weekends tend to be filled with shoots. So we actually got to see a number of rare faces which we appreciate so much. We even got our girl Doreen who surprised us from overseas as she happened to be in town. I know that we don’t get to see each of you often enough but please know that we are so Thankful that each of you were able to make it out to celebrate with us. I wish that we could have spent more time with each of you and hopefully I will be able to catch up with all of you when I finally go on mat leave.

Thank you for the love….Thank you for your thoughts….Thank you for your gifts..….Thank you for your time….Thank you…Thank you… Thank you...We love you all.
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