Trash the Dress. Family Edition.

This was such a fun family/trash the dress shoot. When I came home and told Gi about this shoot, she loved the idea and was totally down to do something like this with our kids.  T&A  (the parents) are so creative and fun,  not to mention super easy going which is why this worked out so well.  This was actually a part 2 of a shoot (which I’ll post soon) that initially started off with their daughter’s cake smash / family session.   We took the opportunity to trash the dress just down the street from their family home by the ravine.  The outcome… everyone had a blast and super cool pictures. I think this is the way to go instead if storing the dress in a box =)

Many thanks for T&A for having me do this and great seeing you guys again.

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The Day After //Farica & Andrew // Hawaii

We’re in full blown post processing mode, aka music pumping in the studio all day and headphones on at night to keep us in the zone.  We’re pretty excited to meet up with our clients soon, as we’re almost done processing various wedding shoots.

As we’re going through each pic, we wanted to showcase a few shots from our after shoot session from Farica and Andrew’s wedding because; a) we miss you guys and b) we miss our time in Hawaii. Farica and Andrew, we hope this brings back some good memories from that awesome week that seems so long ago.  Here are just a few of our favorites and see you guys in a few weeks!

Much love, Leon & Gi
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Gina & Sam’s Wedding – The Day after /// Trash the Dress

Oh man… looking back at these pics 2 weeks later they still put a smile on my face.  Gi and I had a blast with Gina and Sam as we captured so many different parts of their wedding week.  By the end of the trash the dress shoot, we were all wet and covered in sand but the fun factor was so worth it.   Funny enough, I finally got a chance today to fully unpack our equipment bag and probably cleaned out enough sand to make a mini sand castle...hehe

Gina and Sam… you guys rock for willing to do anything we asked!  Here are just a handful of our favorites to tell the story of the day after shoot =)


Your Friend, Leon

Here are some behind the scenes shots of my hawt wife in action... she's going kill me for posting pics up of her... hehe
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Gina and Sam’s Wedding in Punta Cana!! Day 6 & 7

I’m lost for words on how exciting and fun it has been for us this week, especially last night with the wedding and today’s “trash the dress” session…(I’m going to do a proper post when we get back).  Gi and I are currently exhausted, sand filled and salt water soaked from their after shoot …. but we freaking had a blast!!!  For me… bucket list check… as I ALWAYS wanted to kill it on the beach with a couple and today was that day for me.   I truly love these guys… and what’s even more awesome was having their family and friends watch and cheer us on today for this aftershoot… Ok.. I’m jumping the gun on this entry as I just want to show one pic.. Ok.. 2…. OK fine….3

Awesome, awesome day.  Stay tuned when we get back for a full post of their wedding…

Your Friend,  Leon Chai
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Nellie and Aman… Take 4?

Let me rewind to 2 years ago.  When I first met Nellie…we clicked.   People that know her will agree…she’s awesome.  So when I had the opportunity to shoot her wedding last year, it was everything that I expected.  All good times… except for one part… the weather.  It rained, which was not a bad thing since it’s a sign of good luck but just crappy for not being able to get some nice outdoor shots.

So when I presented the pics to Nellie and Aman last year, I promised that when the summer hit this year, I’d make it up to them.  So if rain equivocates to good luck, each time we set a date (I think the count was 4) to do this after shoot… it rained.  (Nellie / Aman.. you guys got some serious wealth coming your!)    We gave it one last shot and finally the weather cooperated with us.  Truth be told, as much as I wanted to do this for Aman and Nellie…this was my excuse to hook up with the of them again ..have some fun and introduce them to I told her lots about them both.

Nellie and Aman.. great seeing you guys again…Gi and I hope you like the results =)    Here are some pics from our session.   Now I got another excuse to meet up…. Drop off the DVD…


Leon & Gi
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Leon and Gi (Trash the dress, without trashing the dress)

Location - Everywhere!

Make Up & Hair - Maggie Ng (

When we were planning our wedding I made three requests 1) I want to photograph our wedding 2) I wanted to MC our wedding 3) Given that I love vw’s … I wanted our wedding party to roll in the original VW Bugs.  0-3 was the final score.

But, my wife was more then stoked in us doing a “Trash the Dress” session.   We always had so many ideas where we would want to shoot if time was not of the essence and today was that day.  I guess one part that holds kind dear to me with these images is it followed suit with the lifestyle shoot I did when we went to Chicago.  I had this wacky idea to shoot our own lifestyle session  (aka, tripod and remote) and wanted to continue this same concept with our wedding after shoot.   So we booked make up and hair artist  -, whose work is absolutely amazing and headed out starting from around our house to downtown and ending in Etobicoke.

For any photographers out there reading this post and using a 5D mark II, the RC1 remote rocks and the good old ST-E2 worked great for off camera flash if anyone is thinking of doing some self portraits.    The day lasted 8 hours but Gi and I are pretty happy with the results.   Special thanks to my wife for always supporting my wacky ideas and doing things with a smile ALL the time.

Love you so much Gi.  Your husband, Leon Chai
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