Travelling with a 3 month old

Success!!  It can be done.  Traveling with a 3 month old who is now 4̶ ̶m̶o̶n̶t̶h̶s̶ ̶o̶l̶d̶ .   We started in Toronto when it was 15 degrees and after going to Vancouver, HK, Singapore, and Taiwan we return home at -8 degrees.   What have I learned with this trip?  Traveling with an infant is hard but it can be accomplished with some perseverance and routine.   No matter where we were we tried to keep our baby girl on the same routine.   The major time zone changes were definitely tougher than the three hour change from Toronto to Vancouver.

Jet lag and babies

I have read many blogs about babies having jet lag.  I had heard it is tough on babies going from east to west but even tougher from west to east.  Over the past few days I have discovered how true this fact is.   I really think it was a combination of two things that made coming home worse – 1) she was 1 month older and 2) we were doing a 13 hr time change instead of 9 (when we originally went from Vancouver to HK).   We did a stepped approach for our trip to Asia by taking a week in Vancouver to visit our good friends.  She took time to convert to the 3 hr time change but after night 2 she was back to normal (phew).   The 13 hr flight to HK from Vancouver was tough but after a few night wakings our baby girl was back to normal.   Key in all cases was keeping the routine that we had set in place in Toronto, no matter what timezone we were in.

Now this was a little harder when we got back to Toronto, baby girl was older and it was a 13 hr time change with 15 hrs in flight.   So in the last week before we returned back to Toronto, our baby girl has learned how to squeal and her feedings have not been the usual 10 minutes on each boob.  Instead it has been closer to five minutes per boob so when we got back I was stressing over her feedings already.  Night 1 and Night 2 were hell!!!...And when I say hell I mean hell with a capital H.

She did not sleep but instead screamed and wailed like it was no one’s business.   It was that type of screaming for 8 hrs straight at night.   I thought I was going to go crazy but we persisted on putting her back on the routine of back to Toronto.   I was about to back down and start holding her to sleep but luckily for us on day 3 she started getting tired when she was supposed to and sleeping when she was supposed to.  Given that night 3 she was 10 times better, I think it was truly just jet lag.   Again, the routine was key!   For anyone traveling with a baby, just keep persisting through the screams and wails, don’t back down.