From pregnancy to birth and now toddler… our camera of choice is …

Just like any profession, the tools they use for work is probably much different than what they use at home.  Like I’m pretty positive that Michael Schumacher doesn’t take his F1 car to the grocery store…and the same goes for me as a working photographer... I rarely ever use my pro gear to document my family.

Since Gi was pregnant, one my favourite go to camera’s is actually not even a still camera  – It’s the GoPro.  I love this little video camera and since it’s so small, it’s literally on me all the time.   What’s cool about it is that it can also simultaneously take pictures while doing video.  So why do I love this camera so much?  Mainly because it allows me to be a husband / father first and photojournalist second. I can turn it on… leave it and enjoy the moment while it’s capturing the scene. It’s so unobtrusive it doesn’t draw too much attention.  The other awesome part is that since it captures images wide.. I get to be in the video / photo too.

When Gi went back to work and since I work from home.. . this GoPro has been a phenomenal tool in capturing all the little things that happen with our daughter  each day.  I even get to show Gi every night some stuff she might have missed.

Off the top of my head, here are 20 (out of the hundred) things we used our GoPro to capture from pregnancy to this toddler stage

1)   our reaction when we found out Gi was pregnant

2)   my nightly conversations with my daughter while she was in mom’s tummy

3)   baby kicking in the stomach

4)   ultrasound appointment ( some places were cool  with me filming)

5)   baby’s birth

6)   baby’s first tummy time

7)   first time on a plane

8)   Baby’s reaction to different food

9)   Bathing routine

10)  Babbling in bed

11)   Her first crawl

12)  Her first steps

13)  Her first time on a swing

14)  Her first time on a trike

15)  Her first time using a straw

16)  Every messy feeding

17)  Her morning waking up

18)  Family selfies without a selfie stick

19)  Crawling up the stairs

20)  Video journals of us