Best portable crib

Before we went on this trip we were trying to figure out how to travel without ruining her routine.   This meant keeping her in as similar surroundings as possible throughout the trip.  One of the keys to this would be giving her the same bed no matter where we went.   I did a bunch of research on portable cribs and there are a number of them out there.   We took a look at the Baby Bjorn and Phil & Ted’s portable crib.   Our friend lent us the Phil & Ted’s but I had already purchased the guava online based on fellow mommy recommendations ( to be clear this was Mz. Helen Hsu =)...better?) .   I have to say I am glad that we got the Guava Lotus crib (  It was a bit of a hassle getting it here since it can only be ordered online and delivered within the United States.   This meant ordering it from Toronto and then sending it to a good friend in New York, who then shipped it over to me.   Thanks again Uncle Scot!!!  We were debating which crib to bring with us at the last minute because the Phil & Ted was way smaller than the Guava 7lbs vs. 11 lbs and it could fit right into our suitcase.  However, in the end we chose the Guava and I am glad we did.

Why the Guava Lotus?  There is a couple of reasons that made it the perfect crib for us.

1) it was in a handy backpack that meant it could be checked in – so we didn’t need to stuff in our suitcase

2)  The set up was literally the 15 seconds as advertised

3) The mattress was firm and supported and felt like a real crib (the Phil & Ted was smaller but it felt like it should be used for camping not daily sleep).

We even ordered accessories for the crib which again came in handy.   Sheets were a given but the mosquito net was key.   The net covers the crib from top to bottom which meant I didn’t have to worry about creepy crawlys biting our baby while we were sleeping.  Being in Asia, Dengue Fever is a true concern.