What 2014 meant to me

2014 was such an emotional year for Gi and me.  It’s the year that our daughter was born and since then it has been a life changing joy for our family. When I look back at 2014 as a whole, the one thing that blew my mind was the generosity of all our clients, friends, and family towards our daughter and us.  I remember countless times after doing a photo shoot where I came back home with gifts that were addressed to our daughter.  There’s a big part of me that wants to name-drop every single one of you as we truly appreciate each of you for all your love.

I also want thank you guys for making 2014 another great year in business. We’re going on 8 years now and I feel the exact same way as when I first started – insanely thankful.  I’m so grateful for all the support of friends, family and followers who have given us an opportunity to perform our work.

So what’s new for 2015 with us? We’re so excited for all the upcoming events we have booked. One specific item that we’re excited to share is this new section on our website (Babies and ting).  This is an area where Gi and I are going to share information about photography (specifically relating to babies) and our experiences traveling with our newborn and whatever adventures lies ahead.

Happy New Year everyone!