Wedding at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, Denise & Thomas

Not only was this venue super cool (it’s my go to place for the best pancakes in Toronto) but even the format of the reception was unique.   I can tell that the main priority of Denise and Thomas was for the guests to relax , mingle and have fun with good eats – with nothing formal yet at the same time still keep it classy and faaaancy… with that said, they nailed it.  Even with photography, they were so go with the flow and as you can see, it resulted it a bunch a fun pics that truly represented them.

Looking back at these pics I remember saying to my second lead Chris that the lighting for their day was so good.  Even for the reception, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen had large windows which drew in some soft light that made for awesome images.

As I’m slowly but surely updating my blog, I wanted to showcase this wonderful wedding with my friends and of course it gives me a chance to say thank you!




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