A surprise engagement at Carmel at the beach

I realized I have I have a lot of updating to do on this site… where do I begin?  I wanted to showcase this shoot (before posting their wedding ) . This was one of my first shoots in Cali and at one of my favourite places, Carmel by the sea.  So the plan was this,  Berton was going to propose on the beach and I was going to hideout and capture it.. easy right?  Then when I got to Carmel, I had to make sure he knew where I was hiding without ruining the surprise was the big challenge. But we somehow managed to communicate and he figured out my location.  On that note, I have done a bunch of these surprise engagement captures but something about hiding behind a rock with a huge lens taking ninja snaps at the beach .. makes one feel a little creepy..haha

As you can see in the picture, Karen said yes! Woo hoo!  Afterwards we basically had a blast going around Carmel taking pics and ending off in San Fran.   Many thanks to my friends Berton and Karen for this and I’m pumped to put together some wedding pics to show you guys.


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