A 2 day celebration. Neila and Chad Wedding.

The start of our 2018 wedding season started with a wedding shoot during a massive snowstorm in Toronto (I’ll post that blog entry soon)...it definitely made for some challenging but gorgeous imagery.

Now fast forward to Neila and Chad’s wedding a few months after and this time, we had a windstorm!  In Toronto we had winds hitting speeds up to 120km’s an hour causing crazy damage everywhere.  In this case, no matter how willing Neila and Chad were… doing any outdoor pics were out of the question.  Lucky for us, we had a beautiful Hindu Heritage Centre / temple to use for pics during the peak of the storm that kept us grounded… literally.

I like Neila and Chad a lot… straight up good peoples from the first time I met them to their wedding day. I always enjoy doing Hindu weddings, there is just so much beautiful detail to capture. I want to thank my friend Chris C that shot this wedding along side with me and I especially want to thank my friends Neila and Chad. See you guys soon and hope you enjoy these pics.



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