72 hours captured. Nahid and Jay’s Wedding

There was 4 crazy memorable things about their Gaye Holud ceremony and wedding that come to mind even after almost 2 months when I reflected back.   First, was the amount of effort that went into the Gaye Holud ceremony.  Their aunt and uncle held the event and meticulous in the level of detail that went into the decorations. Thank the lord it didn’t rain and this statement will make sense when you look at the pics of the house.

Second thing I remembered clearly was Faria and her fiancé Billy, you would have thought they were the wedding planners but I knew that wasn’t the case because I had previously met them with Nahid.   They were literally setting up, planning, coordinating .. children watching… kind of running the show and basically if we had a question, they had all the answers.

The third thing and probably the best thing I personally remembered was the blending of cultures.  It’s so awesome to see throughout all their wedding events how everyone was open to experience each others cultures and rituals. Even my second lead photographer said the same thing to me at the end of their wedding.

And the last thing was the dancing. Everybody danced. I’m not talking just swinging their hips on the dance floor. It felt like everyone did a coordinated dance for Nahid and Jay (including Nahid and Jay). Definitely some awesome stuff.

As we’re in full edit mode, I wanted to share some pics from each day. Thanks so much to my friend Chris C for shooting this event with me and I especially want to Nahid and Jay for having me.

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