Lama and Rashad, Wedding at Berkeley Church

This wedding from beginning to end and it felt like one big party (and hey.. that’s the way it should be!) This couple flew into Toronto from Abu Dhabi to celebrate their wedding with all their Toronto friends and family. I had never met Lama or Rashad before this day…or even seen a picture of them.. so it was kinda funny showing up asking “are you the bride?”. Luckily both Lama and Rashad are such sincere and kind people making them super easy to work with. Not to mention the fact that it didn’t hurt that they are a great looking couple.

Arab weddings rock. I always enjoy documenting them since there is always tons of dancing and music.  When we got to the Berkeley, Lama and Rashad’s entrance was lead by a group of dancers and live performers.  Pretty dope.  We had a small window to do formal pics and we totally utilized the cool space at Berkeley Church and its surroundings. Since this was later in the evening, it kind of worked to our advantage since there wasn’t any harsh sunlight like our usual mid afternoon shoots.

We had fun at this wedding and I want to thank my new friends Lama and Rashad for having us capture their special event! I also want to thank Kathy from Berkeley for being so on the ball with things and keeping us informed of every move.  Lama and Rashad, here are some pics from your event. Hope you had a great time in Toronto!



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