Shelly & Kevin Married. Caledon Country Club Wedding

You know the morning of a wedding, it’s usually pretty hectic.  When I walked in to Shelly’s parent’s home things where pretty calm as they were performing one of the best traditions ever – eating.  I was like.. “Where is everyone?”… and when I walked in the kitchen it was Taiwanese food heaven!  I believe that Shelly’s mom cooked all the food and apparently the tradition is that the parents serve the food and pass on some words of advice. Bottom line is.. it’s the best tradition ever.

Speaking of traditions, it has been a while since we have seen some door games, so that was also a fun start to the morning when the guys got to the house.  KC and I set up Kevin (the groom) for their first look shortly after all the games.  We then had a tea ceremony and headed out to the west end of town for the tea ceremony on Kevin’s side.  After which, we headed straight to Caledon Country club and had great time taking pics of the wedding party before the ceremony and reception.  Side note, Caledon Country Club makes one delicious Ceasar for those who like that drink.

This was a fun wedding for me. I got to see a handful of good friends both in the wedding party and as guests of their wedding.  I want to thank my buddy Kevin C for shooting this wedding with me and I also want to thank my friend Leslie for the warm referral.  It was so good seeing you (although I wish you brought the family…hehe)

To my friends Shelly and Kevin, thanks so much again for having us and here are a few pics I wanted to share to tell the story of your day.


Thanks, Leon
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