Engagement shoot at the cottage. Melissa & Dan

This was a great idea to have their engagement shoot at their family’s cottage.  I drove out to Gravenhurst to meet them.. and I had no idea what to expect.. I mean.. I figured we would have a dock and water. When the GPS told that “you have arrived” .. I was literally smack in the middle of what felt like forest.   Melissa figured out where I was and shortly after we headed to a dock and took a boat to their cottage.  What was nice was that I got to meet Dan’s mom.. who basically steered the boat the entire time we were shooting in the water – super sweet person.

Our goal was to work around their cottage, get Melissa and Dan on their boat and catch the sunset towards the end.  There were so many beautiful and unique spots to choose from, including the boat we used end.  The boat was something that had been in the family for awhile and carried sentimental value for Dan.  As for the couple,  working with Melissa and Dan… these guys are super entertaining to say the least.  For example, we had Dan at one point fall into the water (rescue mission) during the shoot…hehe but he’s mad cool.. and didn’t miss a beat as we continued shooting…I mean when he dried up of course.

I’m stoked that we get to capture your big day next year (our first wedding for 2017 season) and I want to sincerely thank you both for having us.  Here are some of your pics from our near end of summer shoot.  Thanks again!

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