Edelyne & Naeem Married. Atlantis Pavillions & Payal Banquets Wedding

October flew by, as it was one of the busiest months we had for the year.  Coupled with this amazing weather, we got to squeeze in so many amazing Fall shoots.  I met Edelyne and Naeem pretty close to their wedding day unlike most of our wedding clients that we meet a year before. Not that it matters since the moment we met I got a sense that these guys were super easy going.. plus another great thing was I also knew Edelyne’s cousin Fred.

This was a two day wedding shoot so I decided to combine both days into this one mega blog. I started off in the morning where Edelyne was getting ready at her condo. It was pretty jam packed with friends and family but it was all good times.  I have to say that Edelyne is one of the most hands on brides I’ve met.. I think she helped everyone get ready in the morning.  On the guys side, Chris C was with Naeem at the church.. waiting for us to arrive. Everything for that day was held downtown and was within a 15 min drive from place to place which was kinda neat. After their beautiful ceremony, we headed to the venue.  Atlantis Pavillions has always been a sentimental spot for me as Gi and I got married there also. So it was kinda sad that this would be one of the last weddings at this venue since they are closing the grounds by the end of the year.   We had a blast working with the wedding party and of course Edelyne and Naeem.

The celebrations continued the next day where Edelyne looked amazing in a traditional Indian outfit. We did a first look at the venue before everyone arrived and the night was filled with some great entertainment and tons of dancing.  I want to sincerely thanks my friends Fred and Claire for this warm intro – so good seeing you both. I want to thank my friend Chris C for shooting this with me and last but not least, I want to thank Edelyne and Naeem for having us capture your wedding.  Here are some pics I wanted to share as we continue to edit the rest.

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