Big Welcome to Baby E! Newborn Photo shoot

I’m so happy to meet this cute little guy and so happy for my friends J&R as well as big brother M. I loved how they had everything ready for this shoot (matching outfits, Toronto Maple Leaf stuff, room all prepped) and probably had tons more but we didn't want to over work our baby models over here.  On the other end of the spectrum of being not prepared… My wonderful wife just reminded me that I still haven't hung the pics in our son nursery and he’s now 3 months old soon…

Their newborn baby E is just the cutest and it is even cuter when seeing big brother M’s interaction with his new brother. We started off the shoot with the spotlight on baby E and worked in the family after.  Thank you so much again for setting up this shoot and I love seeing your big happy family. I’m looking forward connecting with all of you in the up coming months (which is another thank you..that I owe both of you)). Here are a few pics from our shoot.

Lots of love from the Chai Chang family of four :)
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