M’s going to be the best big brother…

I’m so happy for my friends and their upcoming baby, they’re going to have so much fun as a family of four.   For this awesome maternity shoot, we met up at their home and headed off to a provincial park that’s was right around the corner from them.   For the life of me I couldn’t remember the park’s name but this place was amazing… had animals and ton of open space, felt like we had our own private zoo to ourselves.    J (the mom) looks amazing and of course the Dad too =)  Their son is so full of energy and so much fun to take pics of.  Their newest addition is going to love have him as a big brother and of course vice versa.

I’m really thankful for this family’s support as over the years from doing shoots for them to doing some amazing shoots for their family and friends.  I’m super thankful for J’s friendship… for whatever reason, she’s been one of my first go to in telling our kids crazy birth stories – so I appreciate the big ears.  I want to wish you both a smooth, easy, fast birth and I can’t wait to meet the little baby.



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