K’s First Birthday + Cake Smash

If I look back at our daughter’s first birthday party…I swear that it was more stressful then planning a wedding.  At least for a wedding… the bride and groom can be hands off (should be hands off) on the day and just enjoy. But for these birthday’s… most of the time the parents are just scrambling setting up to make things perfect and the other half of the battle is making sure the guest of honor gets in a proper nap time before their party.

I met this beautiful family for the first time on the day of their son’s party. When I walked in the party room of Seoul House, everything looked amazing.  There were so many details that went into the party. I’ve probably done as many first birthday captures as weddings and for the first time at this party… the mom and dad even decorated their son’s high chair to reflect his first birthday.

K (the birthday boy) is such a cute little man.  His party was full of events with traditional Korean outfit changes for the little guy to the Doljanchi and ending off with a smash cake.

I want to thank my new friends for having me capture this special milestone for their family. Here are just a few pics from his party. Thanks so much guys!


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