A very happy 65th birthday

There are so many aspects about this event that’s amazing aside from the actual event itself.

If you think about it, there are very few occasions for a son or daughter to publicly honour their parents.  What’s great about this event is that their family and friends got to share their sentiments about the guest of honour in front of everyone that know him best.

There was so much hard work and coordination that went into making this surprise event so special.   I could only imagine how hard it was to coordinate everyone (all over the world) but it was a win for me since I got to see my friend Mark that flew in from HK for his father’s event.  The schedule for the night was jam packed with speeches, dance performances and my personal fav… my friend’s daughters on the stage singing – holy insanely cute talented stuff batman.

To my friends Gina & Paul, thanks so much for asking me to document this special event for your family – I really appreciate it guys.  I’m happy I made official family photographer status…hehe. See you at the next event =)

Your Friend, Leon
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