Pool Party! Happy 2nd birthday A

The one wicked part about doing all of these milestone birthday captures over the years is that I have gotten a ton of ideas.. which now comes in handy since our little girl is turning one soon.   This b –day capture is extra special for us since this family are our close friend …and we love their daughter dearly.   Funny enough, on the day the day of her party.. I some how missed the memo that it was going to be a pool party…not that it would make a difference for me in capturing the event.. since sadly I can’t swim. There was so much love and effort that went in to this party from all of A’s friend’s and family.  As expected, the presentation of everything was perfect.

I can’t be more happy for the fact that Gi and I have had the chance to see how wonderful and beautiful our little friend A has grown up to be. We hope that our daughter and A will grow up to be life long friends.  Many thanks to our friend M&R for having me capture these beautiful events.

Love, Uncle Leon
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