Happy First Birthday Baby E! Seoul house birthday

It has been such a fun couple weeks with capturing all the milestone birthdays for our clients / friends.  For this shoot, I got introduced to this sweet family from our mutual friend Gina (thanks so much for the warm intro).  When I got to the Seoul house where they held E’s party, the place was all decked out... everything looked amazing.  The first thing I thought to myself when I met the birthday boy was… this dude has the best hair!  I say this with a little envy as I’ve been trying to grow out my hair forever now… Gi is not a fan..

I love the fact that the parents kept the tradition going as they all wore the Korean outfits and played the game where they their son chose his destiny.  One thing I personally appreciated for obvious reasons was all the pics they captured of their son growing up.  I found out after this event that E’s Dad is quite the photographer… which is super awesome in my books.

I want to sincerely thank my new friends J&M for having me capture this special occasion. M, keep up the amazing work in documenting your family… I really enjoy seeing all of your posts dude.  Here are just a few pics from the day.


Your Friend, Leon
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