Kayla & Brent’s Winter Engagement Shoot

The best thing about all this snow is that it makes for great pics for anyone who wants that winter feel.  It has been tough to book winter shoots in advance as we can only hope that the weather co-operates.  On the day of Brent and Kayla’s shoot, we had the snow but it was freeeeeezing cold outside.  I swear it was like -30 that day.

I met with Kayla and Brent at their beautiful home and got to meet their pup who only came along on the first part of the shoot since we didn’t want to freeze the little guy (us adults on the other hand.. that’s ok).  Kayla and Brent looked awesome that day and the plan included heading out to a nearby path where they always go which was perfect since everything was covered in snow.  After we did a few pics with their puppy, we worked on a few shot with just them.  Kayla and Brent were superstars in my opinion for going with no jacket for all these shot you see.  After we made sure their little pup was at home and warm, we all headed down to the Brickworks and wrapped up our shoot there.


Kayla and Brent, you guys looked awesome and thank you for keeping warm spirits for this session. We’re honoured and excited for your upcoming big day. Thanks so much guys!


Your Friend, Leon
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