Sarah & Paul, Christmas Market Distillery District Engagement Shoot

I remember the day of our initial meeting with Sarah and her Mom as they were kind enough to invite me over to their place.   This was awesome as it was really nice to get a chance to meet with the both of them in a comfortable environment.   So I’m kinda glad that Gi didn’t come with me during this meeting, since we got into the conversation about my peanut allergy and how I don’t carry an EpiPen…which Gi been h-a-r-ping on me forever to get.   As I foolishly had no valid reason to explain why I don’t have one.. I can proudly say now that I do. My wife thanks you both.

Sarah mentioned in our meeting that Paul proposed to her at the Distillery District and since the Christmas market was happening, we thought it would be the perfect spot to do their engagement shoot.  On the day of their shoot, we met up at the Brookfield Place before heading out to the Distillery District.   When we got to the Christmas Market we saw a huge line up to get in. It was insanely busy that day and cold. We miraculously got in and as the line dictated it was jammed packed with people… like arm to arm touching.  But Sarah and Paul were great sports and we made the best of the situation.  We walked around the Distillery District and did our best to avoid the huge crowds and jumped into buildings to warm up every chance we got.  Towards the end of the shoot, we headed down to the waterfront where the Toronto skyline was lit up with holiday colours, which was a perfect end for this shoot.

I thank our mutual friends Andrea and Des for the warm intro to this awesome couple. I especially want to thank Sarah and Paul for having us capture your upcoming wedding – we’re honoured and stoked. Here are just a few shots from our shoot.

Your Friend, Leon
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