Monica & Veneet’s Wedding. 2 Awesome Days.

It’s funny what we consider the norm since obviously it’s based on what we are used to.  I had a wedding prospect meeting last night and as we were talking about their guest list …the couple was saying they really couldn’t grasp the concept of a small wedding. She said they only have been to weddings where there is min 600 people.  On the flipside, as I’m writing this blog entry at a locale café, a random onlooker (aka the person that won’t stop staring at my screen while I edit) and I got into conversation about this post and the pics.  She moved her chair closer to me  and started saying how she has never seen a Indian wedding and was blown away by the colours that a wedding event could be several days.  So if you have been following our postings, we’re finally uploading the main event of Monica and Veneet’s wedding which took place over the course of two days.

I think one of the most beautiful parts that stood out for us at this wedding was capturing the mix of emotions. There was so much energy during the day from dancing and cheering to tears of sadness / joy. I won’t write out the events that happened during the course of the two day wedding as again I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  What I do want to quickly say is that I’m grateful for this experience and thankful to my friends Monica and Veneet for having us basically capture the month of August for them =) Special thanks my friend / teammate Kevin C for shooting along side with me for both these days.  As we continue to process the rest of the pictures, here are a some pics from their wedding day.


Your Friend, Leon
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