Monica’s Lady Sangeet

I think I’m going through withdrawal from this couple since it felt like I had event coverage every day starting from mid August with this awesome couple.  So we’re excited to share a few pics from each event to tell their story.

I’m going to rewind back and start with one of their first wedding events, Monica’s Lady Sangeet.  I remember arriving to J&J Swagat (I always wondered.. if the owners named this place because J&J (Johnson & Johnson) is across the street from them.. anyways.. I digress) where the room was beautifully decorated quickly filled up with family and friends.   I personally love seeing all the bright colours of the outfits on the females.  The night was filled with many traditional aspects from singing, playing of the dholki and dancing.

To my friends, Monica and Veneet, here are some pics starting from your first event. Enjoy!


Your Friend, Leon
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