Happy 2 months Baby O!

I’m finally feeling more energetic after  pulling  40+ hours of shooting this weekend.  So to play catch up on our blog, I’m double posting tonight with the continuation of a multiday wedding capture and starting with this cute baby shoot .

R & J are friends of Gi and I and we’re thrilled that they are parents and the fact that I got to take some pics of their beautiful son.  Funny, the last time I saw R&J we were covered in mud, sweat and tears (the tears on my end) from a Spartan Run event we did last year.  So it was a nice change to see them in a clean non running / muddy environment this time =)

Baby O is a cute little dude. Ironically enough, he was born around the same time as our daughter so it’s nice to be able to relate to his current life stage.  Baby O was great in front of the camera and was totally cooperative with us that evening.  I love the fact that at 2 months, he can wave to the camera =)

To our friends R&J, congrats again guys and thank you both so much for having me do this shoot for you 3.  Here are just a few pics from Baby O’s 2 month shoot.

Your Friend,


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