Happy 1st birthday L!

I totally dig the Korean culture. From their delicious food (Mmm.. pork bone soup) down to all the unique traditions. Heck, even their greeting, ie, bowing makes the most sense to me, no worries about a handshake and passing over germs I say. But seriously, given that I have had the chance to capture a lot of their cultural aspects over the years, I think it’s pretty cool. So it’s great to see the younger gen parents like Gina and Paul continue to carry on these traditions for their family.

When Gina first contacted us in late fall last year to set up a family lifestyle session, if I could remember correctly, the weather didn’t cooperate and she decided to save the shoot for 2014, for her daughter’s first birthday. So on the day of the shoot, the event was at Seoul House and everything was set up perfectly. I was surprised to see a handful of familiar faces at this party, which are the same people that recommended me – many thanks guys. When I finally met Gina and Paul in person they where super nice and their daughters were totally adorable. For this party, they had all the traditional games, outfits, and desserts to celebrate their youngest daughter’s first birthday. They also had a cake set up for their eldest daughter K, as I assume their birthdates are close together.

After the food we stepped outside for some quick pics underneath the overhang as it was about to rain.
To Gina and Paul, thanks so much guys for having me capture this important milestone for your family, you guys rock. Here are some pics from the day.

Your Friend, Leon
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